February 29, 2008

STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE Party (Outdoor) – for Girls 1 to 7 years old

STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE Party (Outdoor) – for Girls 1 to 7 years old

My friend’s daughter will be celebrating her 1st birthday on March 3. I’m helping with all the preparation. Everybody say that I’m more excited and tensed than the parents of the birthday girl. I like parties because these are happy times when family and friends meet. Preparing for occasions like this keeps me active; doing it for people that matter to me makes the job all the more fun!


Materials: strawberry shortcake themed card, glittered pens, and strawberry shortcake stickers.

I hand-printed all the details on the invites and put sticker outside the envelope instead of glue.

1. Longest Happy Birthday
2. Paper Dance
3. Bring Me
4. Treasure Hunt

Loot Bags: My friend bought paper sandwich bag and we put assorted candies, strawberry shortcake stickers and button pins. I printed the thank you tags and we decorated the bag with strawberry shortcake stickers.

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  1. i hope to give my daughter a cupcake party when she turns 3 this year


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