March 22, 2008


This film is one which really makes us sit back and evaluate our lives and our relationships with those we love. This was shown in 1993, the same year that my mother died. This is still a superb piece of movie making with winning performances from all the cast and a wonderful script, and should be watched every now and again to remind us that life is too short for hatred. This is one of those movies that comes along and knocks you to the floor by absolute surprise. Sad to say, this is the most underrated film I have ever seen.

Too often we take this incredible gift of life for granted. We rush around as if we have forever. We often fail to recognize and acknowledge the simple things in life, our home, family, friends, and health. Appreciation of life reminds you to be kind, humble, generous, and to take frequent moments to stop and smell the roses.


A story about a career man who is struck down by terminal cancer while his wife is expecting their first child. The film then charts his efforts to make a video tape, for his unborn child, of his life and then discovers that it is not what it should be. With the help of a spiritual healer and his wife he sets about trying to set things right with his family and his life.

Details: My Life Movie was directed and written by Bruce Joel Rubin. Genre is drama and rated PG 13. It was released November 12, 1993.

The main casts of My Life movie are Michael Keaton, Nicole Kidman, Queen Latifah, Bradley Whitford, Michael Constantine, Toni Sawyer and Mark Lowenthal among others.

March 20, 2008


Yesterday I was watching the Today Show when they featured a very touching story that really says what giving means.

This is a story of a man who used to be vice president in a bank til he got hooked on drugs. Many people turned their back on him, except for his wife who continuously sent him to rehabilitation hoping that he will wake up from this nightmare.

When the man eventually recovered, he made a vow to help those who needed help the most. Every weekend he feed the homeless, and sometimes he brings these homeless people to places that they cannot go to, like Disneyland. The man has helped a lot already and he says that he does the helping with just a little amount, giving time and lending ears to are far more important.

The host of the show said this before ending the featured story… “You don’t need a lot to be able to help…joy will lead you back to hope.”

March 15, 2008


The idea is to see your child not so much as an extension of yourself but instead as a human being who is here to teach you about certain aspects of life that no one else possibly could. Regardless of their ages, our children are our best teachers. They have the capacity to teach us some of the most important lessons in life - things like patience, unconditional love, mutual respect, creative problem solving, accepting the inevitability of change, and taking life as it comes. On a day-to-day, moment-to-moment basis, our children are providing us with experience after experience, almost always with the potential to teach us something of lasting value.

(Excerpts from Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff with Your Family by Richard Carlson, Ph. D.)

I just read the above topic and certainly nothing is truer than having your child/children teach you valuable lessons in life. Let me share you my personal experience that happened last night:

Rafael: Mommy can we can go back to my friend Rafael’s house?
Me: Who’s Rafael?
Rafael: My friend who has a big bike and a car.
Me: I can’t remember, what’s his mommy’s name?
Rafael: I can’t remember also, but I really like to go back to their house, and play there, because Rafael is my friend and I have fun when I play with him.
Me: …thinking…guessing…thinking…guessing…
Rafael: We went to their house, and we played with Rafael’s big car while you talk with his mom.
Me: Ahhh, I know that’s Luis Rafayel!

The story does not end there…you see, the mother of Luis Rafayel is a friend of mine whom I have not talk to for over a year but prior to the conversation with my son, I kept on thinking and wondering how my friend is doing. The lesson I have learned from my son is completely letting go of the hurt so that true healing follows. After this writing, I truly hope that whatever disagreement I had with my friend will be put behind the past.

March 14, 2008

CARS Movie (2006)


I’ve watched this movie for a hundred of times. Aside from the fact that my son Rafael likes cars a lot, it’s nice to see this movie because it gives me an easier task in explaining to my children the importance of working hand in hand with other people. At age 5, my twin kids has understanding of what teamwork and true friendship means.

Directors: John Lasseter
Joe Ranft
Writers: John Lasseter
Joe Ranft
Genre: Sport/Comedy/Animation/Family

Plot Outline:
A hot-shot race-car named Lightning McQueen gets waylaid in Radiator Springs, where he finds the true meaning of friendship and family.

Nominated for 2 Oscars. Another 16 wins & 19 nominations

Casts: Owen Wilson
Paul Newman
Michael Keaton
Bonnie Hunt
Larry The Cable Guy
Cheech Marin
Tony Shalhoub
Guido Quaroni
Jenifer Lewis
Paul Dooley
Michael Wallis
George Carlin
Katherine Helmond, etc…

March 5, 2008



I must admit that I misjudged this movie. When I saw the trailer I never expected it to be a good one. I'm not a chocolate lover, I didn't see a connection with this movie, only to find out that there's more to it. Johnny Depp of course is such a fine actor. I always see him as a handsome and cool guy, that is why it gives me that smile how they made him look funny and convincing as Willy Wonka. I particularly like the moral values they injected in it. Overall, both parents and kids will have fun watching Charlie and the Chocolate factory.

Plot Outline/ Synopsis:

A young boy wins a tour through the most magnificent chocolate factory in the world, led by the world's most unusual candy maker. This is a story of an ordinary little boy named Charlie Bucket. He was not faster, or stronger, or more clever than other children. His family was not rich or powerful or well-connected; in fact, they barely had enough to eat. Charlie Bucket was the luckiest boy in the entire world. He just didn't know it yet.

Director: Tim Burton

Writers: Roald Dahl (book)
John August (screenplay)
Release Date: 3 August 2005 (Philippines)

Genre: Adventure/Comedy/Family/Fantasy

Rated PG for quirky situations, action and mild language.

Awards: Nominated for Oscar. Another 8 wins & 31 nominations

Johnny Depp
Freddie Highmore
David Kelly
Helena Bonham Carter
Noah Taylor
Missi Pyle
James Fox
Deep Roy
Christopher Lee
Adam Godley
Jordan Fry
Anna Sophia Robb, etc.