March 22, 2008


This film is one which really makes us sit back and evaluate our lives and our relationships with those we love. This was shown in 1993, the same year that my mother died. This is still a superb piece of movie making with winning performances from all the cast and a wonderful script, and should be watched every now and again to remind us that life is too short for hatred. This is one of those movies that comes along and knocks you to the floor by absolute surprise. Sad to say, this is the most underrated film I have ever seen.

Too often we take this incredible gift of life for granted. We rush around as if we have forever. We often fail to recognize and acknowledge the simple things in life, our home, family, friends, and health. Appreciation of life reminds you to be kind, humble, generous, and to take frequent moments to stop and smell the roses.


A story about a career man who is struck down by terminal cancer while his wife is expecting their first child. The film then charts his efforts to make a video tape, for his unborn child, of his life and then discovers that it is not what it should be. With the help of a spiritual healer and his wife he sets about trying to set things right with his family and his life.

Details: My Life Movie was directed and written by Bruce Joel Rubin. Genre is drama and rated PG 13. It was released November 12, 1993.

The main casts of My Life movie are Michael Keaton, Nicole Kidman, Queen Latifah, Bradley Whitford, Michael Constantine, Toni Sawyer and Mark Lowenthal among others.

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