March 15, 2008


The idea is to see your child not so much as an extension of yourself but instead as a human being who is here to teach you about certain aspects of life that no one else possibly could. Regardless of their ages, our children are our best teachers. They have the capacity to teach us some of the most important lessons in life - things like patience, unconditional love, mutual respect, creative problem solving, accepting the inevitability of change, and taking life as it comes. On a day-to-day, moment-to-moment basis, our children are providing us with experience after experience, almost always with the potential to teach us something of lasting value.

(Excerpts from Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff with Your Family by Richard Carlson, Ph. D.)

I just read the above topic and certainly nothing is truer than having your child/children teach you valuable lessons in life. Let me share you my personal experience that happened last night:

Rafael: Mommy can we can go back to my friend Rafael’s house?
Me: Who’s Rafael?
Rafael: My friend who has a big bike and a car.
Me: I can’t remember, what’s his mommy’s name?
Rafael: I can’t remember also, but I really like to go back to their house, and play there, because Rafael is my friend and I have fun when I play with him.
Me: …thinking…guessing…thinking…guessing…
Rafael: We went to their house, and we played with Rafael’s big car while you talk with his mom.
Me: Ahhh, I know that’s Luis Rafayel!

The story does not end there…you see, the mother of Luis Rafayel is a friend of mine whom I have not talk to for over a year but prior to the conversation with my son, I kept on thinking and wondering how my friend is doing. The lesson I have learned from my son is completely letting go of the hurt so that true healing follows. After this writing, I truly hope that whatever disagreement I had with my friend will be put behind the past.

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