April 15, 2008


My nephews and nieces stayed in our place for over a week. Aside from my 3 kids, it’s fun having kids around…children are the most wonderful creation of God…when my husband and I spend time with them it’s as if life is so full…full of laughter…full of joy…full of life. Kids are transparent, they say it when they are hungry, sleepy or tired so it is very easy to have them around.

We brought all of them, 8 kids, ages 2 – 11, in different places. My husband made a game out of animal alphabet. This is a fun way to ease boredom during long trips. Here are some funny answers we got from them:

A – Antenna
C – Cebra
E – Egg
H – Hamper
I – Igloo
M – Mommy (from my 2 year old son, Juan)
N – Nemo

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  1. this is a fun game. mighs as well try this at home with my daughter..


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