May 21, 2008


I’m agonizing for 12 days now (bad case of stiff neck and lower back pain). I dread the coming of night time, feels like I’m turning into a vampire! Seriously speaking, do not like to sleep although sleeping before this 12 days came was my favorite time. Why? If I lie down, I won’t be able to stand up without crawling nor without my husband’s help…without my kids’ cheering and encouragement. Yes, the kids are aware of my situation. They hear my never ending groan of pain! Ouch here and ouch there. On the ninth excruciating night, I overheard my son Rafael saying, “why does she keeps on saying ouch?”. He was wondering because whenever my kids have fever, bruises, teething or whatever ouchy situation I’d tell them, “do not mind your ouchy, it will go away. If you mind it, it will mind you and it won’t go away. Your ouchy will say, I like to stay here, he/she likes me...yada yada yada.”. For the first few days whenever I blurt ‘Ahh’, my kids will say, “do not mind your ouchy, it will go away. If you mind it, it will mind you and it won’t go away.”. Yes my kids (even my 2 year old son Juan) say these words to me, the way I say it to them.

Rafael’s question awakened my senses. He was wondering why I do not practice what I preach. After Rafael’s question, I bought eight books. You see, I haven’t been reading novels since I gave birth to my twin kids (2002). I read parenting magazines, do crossword puzzles, anything easy to finish.

That night, I finished 2 novels. My husband and kids have slept better, there wasn’t any mommy groaning. In the morning, the pain is still there but I feel better knowing that when the night fall, I will welcome it because I have something to look forward to.

May 17, 2008

Bratz™ Cyber Style Laptop

Our friend Shiloh gave our daughter Bratz™ Cyber Style Laptop last December. I like this toy a lot. It has 100 educational games. My daughter, 2 sons and I enjoyed learning while playing. Check it out, you might like it too!


This laptop is packed with tons of school time activities. This real-looking learning device now includes a backlit LCD screen and features updated graphics and sounds. The real-sized keyboard makes learning much cooler! Answer questions ranging from math and spelling to music and fashion! This lightweight and stylin' portable learning tool is sure to entertain and instruct for hours on end!
• Bratz™ Cyber Style Laptop
• Computer Mouse
• 11 Game Categories: Spelling, Art, Science, Geography, Grammar, Music, Vocabulary, Spanish, Math, Writing, Mind Benders, Touch Typing and Study Break Games
• 75 Activities
• Over 170 Levels of Game Play!
• Emphasis on Foreign Language Instruction
• 9 Foreign Language Activities!
• Large High-Resolution Screen
• Bratz™ 4-Level Gray Scale Graphics
• Full-Sized Qwerty Keyboard
• Ergonomic Mouse Made for Child's Hand
• Multi-Channel Sound and Music
• Bratz™ Screensavers
• Headphone Jack
• NEW! Built-In Handle for Portability!
• NEW! Backlit Screen for Easier Viewing!
• Battery Requirements: 4 x AA Batteries (Included)
*Features and Accessories May Vary

Bratz Fever

My sister gave my daughter Bratz DVD. Julia liked the DVD so much, that she watches the movie on and on and on…Here’s more, even my two year old son, Juan, liked the DVD a lot. Now Juan’s favorite expression is that of The Reining Queen of Fashion (one of the characters in Bratz) “mother of pink!.

May 12, 2008


1. Take one cup of warm water with a squeeze of lemon juice or ½ tsp apple cider vinegar
2. Take a refreshing shower with warm water.
3. Use an exfoliating scrub with eucalyptus and peppermint oils (three drops of each with three tablespoons of olive coco virgin or almond oil). Add three tablespoons of salt if you don’t have a loofah or scrub glove.
4. Shower with cold water.
5. Jump three times before you get dressed.
6. Affirmation: “I am alive, well and joyful.” Love and light.

Excerpted from: “How To Get Well” by Dr. Zolthan B. Rona, “Alkalanized Or Die” by Dr. Theodore Baroody, “Water Detox” by Jane Scrivner

May 10, 2008


I grew up in a traditional home where my father works and my mother stayed home to care for us: 6 children.

I remember at an early age of 10, told myself that I will never be like my mother; who never had a formal career but chose to have a small business just so she could stay home and be with us. I envied my classmates who tell that their moms work in a bank and other big companies. From then on I vowed not to follow my mom’s path.

In college, I was on my own, being a working student. After graduating with a degree in AB Psychology I worked as an HR Assistant in a Recruitment Company, a month before my regularization I resigned….I was not happy. Next job was in a Telecom company as an Administrative Asst., after almost 2 years I resigned….I was not happy. I’ve been in many different companies…still I was not happy. I married in 2000 and got pregnant in 2002. My sisters (who are stay-at-home moms) told me to resign as soon as they learned I was carrying twins. I did not because I never wanted to be like my mom. Two months after I gave birth I went back to work. But each day, I grew restless and eventually I was unhappy at work again. I finally resigned from work in 2003. Staying home everyday is what I dreaded since I was 10 yrs old. But slowly, I found myself becoming more relax, happy and contented as I see my twin kids growing up. Bathing them, feeding them and playing with them soothe my soul. It has been 5 years since my last job, I found out that following my mom’s path is not a bad idea after all. I now have 3 kids to take care of; the tasks are getting bigger but surely life at home is getting sweeter and happier. I am now into party hosting, planning and orgnizing. I also write/blog. I get to enjoy work and my kids at the same time.

In 1993 my mom passed away at an early age of 43 due to kidney failure. I learned many things from my mother like the art of forgiveness and the art of asking for forgiveness She was a very compassionate woman, generous and humble. She once said to me that life too short not to enjoy life. She taught me to live life fully, to love more, to give more. But most of all I learned to spend quality time to my children. My mom died early but I truly believe she lived her life fully.

I salute all the mothers who stick to their jobs and have flourishing careers but I don’t envy them anymore. I have found the career I was looking for: A full time mother, a wife, a party host, a friend, a daughter, a sister…and all.

May 6, 2008


Ironman is all about changes… remember the saying “the road to hell is paved with good intentions” that’s what Tony stark, played brilliantly by Robert Downey Jr., realizes after a life changing event that happened to him on a business trip in the war infested region of the middle east. After a successful presentation and on his way back, his convoy was ambushed by rebels and during the assault his chest was pierced with shrapnel from a weapon manufactured by his company used by the rebels.
He is recovered and rehabilitated by the rebels with a help from another captured scientist. Using electromagnets to keep himself alive, stark was forced to recreate a missile system to be used by the said rebels, but Tony has other plans, with the resources given to him he was able to create a suit of armor that would help him escape from his captors. And escape he did, the armor built was a tank on two legs! It is impervious to bullets and has a weapon system of its own; with it he escaped and later was rescued by his best friend and confidant jim Rhodes soon to be war machine.
Upon his return stateside, he had an epiphany… realizing that his manufactured weapons was being sold to the wrong people, he made a public statement to turn in a new leaf, this puts him at odds with his business partner Jebadiah Stane, then again Stark industries is know for its weapons development and not for its humanitarian side.
Tony continued developing his armor, and here is where the fun begins, the audience is treated to some light hearted moments as tony time and again goofs around his sentient machineries. Like a boy with a new toy, he tests and plays with the armor, perfecting its flaws.
Pepper Potts played by the lovely Gwyneth Paltrow, portrayed the character very well. Potts, tony’s secretary/executive assistant provided the love interest and the conscience to tony whenever he needed one.
Action is a plenty, as we are treated to different scenarios to appreciate the effectiveness of the ironman suit i.e. a battle with a group of rebels raiding a village, after which was followed by a sparring sequence with two raptor jets. Like I said Ironman is all about changes, from a cold hearted businessman to caring and courageous superhero in the red and gold armor, tony stark has made this transitions and found his true self in the process.

The movie is a fresh take on the ironman mythos that you may have grown up with in the comics, but it does not stray too far from its origins. Giving old audiences as well as new ones to jump in and enjoy what the comic industry can bring to the silver screen when done correctly!
Director: Jon Favreau
Writer: Mark Fergus, Hawk Ostby
Casts: Robert Dwney Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, Terrence Howard, Jeff Bridges, Leslie Bibb, Shaun Toub, etc...

May 1, 2008


Last night my 3 kids (ages 5 and 2) are fighting over who gets mommy first. The three of them have different rituals at night during bedtime. My youngest son at 2 is still breastfeeding (that makes him sleep, of course!). Rafael’s back has to be scratched, and Julia needs to be hugged.

There are baby lotion available that the kids can use like
California Baby Calming Everyday Lotion
Johnson's Bedtime Lotion
. Baby lotion soothes the baby to sleep.

I was having difficulty since I only have 2 hands and a body. So, I asked them if they want mommy to make another 2 just like me. That’s when I remembered the movie Multiplicity…I had to explain to them what cloning is. They understood the concept, and Rafael immediately ignored the idea of having her mom cloned, because in his own words, “we will have a hard time knowing who the real you”. To make the long story short, they opted to wait for baby Juan to sleep first and then I hugged Julia while scratching Rafael’s back.

Multiplicity is very entertaining and funny! This film started out a bit slow but got funnier as it went by. Watch the movie and you’ll forget how hard it is to have just one you!

Director: Harold Ramis

Writer : Chris Miller

Release Date: 17 July 1996

Genre: Comedy/Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Plot: Construction worker Doug Kinney finds that the pressures of his working life, combined with his duties to his wife Laura and daughter Jennifer leaves him with little time for himself. However, he is approached by geneticist Dr. Owen Leeds who offers him a rather unusual solution to his problems - cloning. himself duplicated.

Michael Keaton
Andie Macdowell
Zach Duhame
Katie Schlossberg
Harris Yulin
Richard Masur
Eugene Levy, etc..