July 2, 2008


I’m feeling sad today. I just got back from the hospital. The blood test result shows I have high blood and high cholesterol. The good doctor said that that explains my neck and back pain for more than two weeks now. I was given three medicines to be taken three times a day.

When I reached home, I slept. And when I woke up, saw my five year old twin kids Julia and Rafael having snack. I joined them. After eating, my daughter approached me, “Mommy can I wash the dishes?” I wasn’t paying much attention to her. My mind was wandering with my health condition. Julia continued, “why don’t you teach me to wash dishes so when I grow up I know how to”. I snapped out of my gloominess!

You see, when Julia was four years old she was asking me how to draw a star the proper way. I did not teach her because she was already drawing a star, but not the way an adult does it. Hers is made out of five triangles and an almost pentagon shape. One day after coming from school, Julia showed me a star properly drawn; the way an adult does it. She was beaming with pride, “Mom, do you know who made it?” I asked politely, “Who drew it, it’s nice?”. Julia gladly said, “I did it mom! Teacher Aid Sally taught me how to do it.”. Every now and then, when a visitor comes around, Julia always shows her drawings, and never forget to tell them that…“Teacher Aid Sally taught me how to do it.”.

The next scene was of course the sight of a mother teaching her daughter how to wash the dishes the way an adult does it. It took my daughter more than 20 minutes to finish washing 4 glasses, 2 plates, 3 spoons, 3 forks, 2 cups and 2 bowls, but it was worth the time, my time!


  1. You'll be amazed with what kids know and can do. We just can't underestimate them, can we? Sometimes they know better than adults! Your kids are adorable! Hope you'll get better soon.

  2. 'te joy, what happened to your blog! start writing again! i enjoy reading anecdotal entries, esp. juancho's ideas. (",)

  3. My two year old daughter is very eager to help in the house.Whenever I wash our clothes, she would often volunteer to help. I always tell her that she's too young to wash the clothes and that she have to wait a couple of years to help in the household chores.She can't wait, I can't wait either.


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