May 10, 2008


I grew up in a traditional home where my father works and my mother stayed home to care for us: 6 children.

I remember at an early age of 10, told myself that I will never be like my mother; who never had a formal career but chose to have a small business just so she could stay home and be with us. I envied my classmates who tell that their moms work in a bank and other big companies. From then on I vowed not to follow my mom’s path.

In college, I was on my own, being a working student. After graduating with a degree in AB Psychology I worked as an HR Assistant in a Recruitment Company, a month before my regularization I resigned….I was not happy. Next job was in a Telecom company as an Administrative Asst., after almost 2 years I resigned….I was not happy. I’ve been in many different companies…still I was not happy. I married in 2000 and got pregnant in 2002. My sisters (who are stay-at-home moms) told me to resign as soon as they learned I was carrying twins. I did not because I never wanted to be like my mom. Two months after I gave birth I went back to work. But each day, I grew restless and eventually I was unhappy at work again. I finally resigned from work in 2003. Staying home everyday is what I dreaded since I was 10 yrs old. But slowly, I found myself becoming more relax, happy and contented as I see my twin kids growing up. Bathing them, feeding them and playing with them soothe my soul. It has been 5 years since my last job, I found out that following my mom’s path is not a bad idea after all. I now have 3 kids to take care of; the tasks are getting bigger but surely life at home is getting sweeter and happier. I am now into party hosting, planning and orgnizing. I also write/blog. I get to enjoy work and my kids at the same time.

In 1993 my mom passed away at an early age of 43 due to kidney failure. I learned many things from my mother like the art of forgiveness and the art of asking for forgiveness She was a very compassionate woman, generous and humble. She once said to me that life too short not to enjoy life. She taught me to live life fully, to love more, to give more. But most of all I learned to spend quality time to my children. My mom died early but I truly believe she lived her life fully.

I salute all the mothers who stick to their jobs and have flourishing careers but I don’t envy them anymore. I have found the career I was looking for: A full time mother, a wife, a party host, a friend, a daughter, a sister…and all.


  1. Being a full time stay at home mom is a fulfilling job. But sometimes it depends on the situation.Others want to become SAHM but they can't because they have no choice but to work. As for me,I am lucky because I found fulfillment in being a working mom and at the same time being a mother to my only child

  2. I love this article! Maybe because I can relate as I've been a stay-home, hands-on mom for almost 2 decades now. It's not easy esp.when like you, i never planned on being one...and with an MA degree to boot, it may sound "sayang" at times but since it's by choice, I am generally happy with being one. As I always tell people, happiness in this vocation is guaranteed when it is by choice. Pag di bukal sa loob mo, mahirap.
    On my end, I do some private tutoring at home and I get involved in church ministries.


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