February 21, 2010

The Day I Met Pehpot

Yesterday I attended the launching of Bisolvon's Alagang SuperMOMents Photo Contest at Blue Whale, Fun Ranch, hosted by Ms. Regine Tolentino. Met a lot of blogger moms and we were all treated to a hearty lunch. Bisolvon set-up activities for our kids such as Wii and face painting. After the launch, the kids were given 3 tickets each to enjoy whatever rides they choose.

What really made this event different from the many events I attended is meeting Pehpot. I like blogging/writing. Been blogging since 2007 but not successful enough to promote my site (I'm technically challenged). I've asked a lot of friends and relatives to teach me the ins and outs of blogging but to no avail. People are way too busy! Not Pehpot, my Pehpot! She's an angel sent by God above. Pehpot helped me set up my paypal account and even lent me $10.00 to pay for my domain (to think we just met yesterday!).

Forrest Gump was correct in saying, "life is like a box of chocolate, you'll never know what you're gonna get.". I'm just so happy, got my unexpectedly sweet chocolate...from Pehpot...her willingness to help without asking anything in return.


  1. Sometimes, there are angels loan on earth, perhaps, your Pehpot is one of them. You've met her at the right time for a specific purpose. God sent her to you to help you. We must be grateful for such angels.


  2. I am also new in writing/blogging.Hopefully, i can find someone who can help me in evrything I need to know about blogging. You're very lucky, you found a friend who will help you.


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