February 26, 2010

There's a Farm in Everybody's Heart

Surround yourself with nature and watch your plants and animals grow.

Roam around the farms and feed local and exotic animals like free-range chickens and ostriches .

Have delectable dishes where the ingredients are guaranteed fresh because they
come straight from the gardens a few feet away.

Fulfill your heart's desire with a relaxing spa treatment.

Take a dip in the organic pool, like no other.

Spend the afternoon siesta or talking to friends in these cold breeze nipa huts.

Young and old alike will truly enjoy horsebackriding.

Or go fishing if you wish.

If you ever get tired from walking, ride San Benito's Eco Tram.

Have a cup of fresh-brewed exotic Kape Barako at Terraza de Barako.

Have a taste of all these and more at HACIENDA SAN BENITO.

You may contact Ms. Mimi Salcedo: 0919-2972015 or 0915-3970103


  1. sarap naman jan sis, how mats?

  2. Wow! Hacienda San Benito! I remember two years ago, my first ever prize was a trip for four with lunch to hacienda San Benito. Unfortunately, i wasnt able to enjoy my because I just gave birth. Hoping to visit the wonderful farm someday.

  3. hi Pehpot! you can visit Hacienda San Benito for free tripping call or txt Mimi Salcedo 0919-2972015 or 0915-3970103


Thank you for the joyful comments!