March 12, 2010


The Rustan's name has been synonymous with luxury retailing in the Philippines for over 50 years now. I remember when I was around 10 years old (whoa, that's 20 plus years ago!) my ever meticulous Aunt Linda only did her shopping at Rustan's Cubao.
Now that I am in my mid-thirties, I completely understand why my aunt preferred Rustan's over other malls. I love shopping at Rustan's (especially Shangri-La) mainly because of their exceptional customer service. Sales staff are all truly accommodating; they are knowledgeable of the products they are handling and they will not give you that irritating smirk on their faces.
Late last year, I went out to buy school supplies for my daughter in National Bookstore only to find out that I left my purse in the house. I went up to Rustan's, talk to my favorite sales staff Gloria. She then referred me to her Manager (Gloria told her that I am a regular client) the next thing I know they lent me the money I needed. How's that for a super, extra added value for customer service?

They wrap gifts beautifully

Our favorite is the 3rd floor (kids/toy section) wherein kids get to play safely while parents to their shopping on the other floors.

Rustan's also hold seminars related to the products they are promoting at the moment. On top of that, guests who attend these seminars get a chance to win cool prizes.

Grab a bite of Frostings cupcakes, priced cheaper than that of mst popular cupcake shops but tastes even better

And when you visit Rustan's Makati try dining at Chef Him Uy's resto, East Cafe. They serve, super delicious food.


  1. wow... ang lakas nyo naman po sa rustan's.. pag wala pala akong pera... sabihin ko lng na friend ko po kau... para po papautangin din nila ako.. hehe... :p

  2. I agree 100%! rustan's has set the standard for excellence in service and customer satisfaction!


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