April 26, 2010


After 20 long years, I attended a get-together with few of my high school classmates. We met at CLERISY Resto Bar located at 220 Anro Bldg., Malamig St., Q.C. The place is very near Sulo Hotel, Quezon City Hall and Heart Center. If you happen to be in the vicinity, visit Clerisy Resto Bar. Must try Bangus Sisig, Buttered Chicken and Pancit Canton. Their cook hailed from Tacloban, a true blooded Waray! Clerisy can accommocate up to 70 people. You may also book the place for your own reunion. They are open for lunch, dinner and after dinner meet with your friends, barkada, or just like us old high school buddies. Just call in advance.

April 19, 2010

New World Out There

I have been blogging since January 2008 (that's more than two years in blogging) and you can see that clearly on my blog archive. And though I have been furiously writing about destinations, places, travels and other personal stuffs, I am a real novice when it comes to blogging. Only recently that I discovered the word domain, web site hosting and url. I was not even aware those words existed before. Where in the world have I been? I remember years ago, I tried learning about programming, computer and the likes. I even enrolled in a short course about programming. And so you think I learned? I got scared. No that's not the way to describe, it was too complicated for my taste.

And now that I am trying to break into my usual self and trying to understand blogging more, I have come to understand words such as domain hosting. And form what I heard, this is when you avail of a hosting service for your website. And what is hosting? This is the service you avail when you want to put your own site. And though I still cannot digest this all, I think I knew a place to go to when I need this kind of service. I heard that there are a lot of hosting companies on the market and with that, I have to be careful when choosing one. I want a service that is worth my money, most hosting service are not free.

Of course, you won't be reading business hosting topics here, I leave that to expert bloggers. They are the ones who can give you more information about that. Thought writing about this stuff can be refreshing (specially for my loyal readers, a new topic can be fun). But of course I will still focus on travel and topics that I am more comfortable talking about.

April 15, 2010

CANYON COVE Residential Beach Resort

Wake up to the soothing sound of the sea. Take a dip into the largest pools in town or lounged by the white sandy beach of the Cove.

Hotel rooms are big and clean.

This is my favorite part in the room, a nook overlooking the beach and the pool.

Behind us is another type of accommodation (exclusive for members).

Cottages are available for those whole go on a day tour (Day tour fee is Php500.00 per person)

Frolick in their almost white sand.

A never-ending fun in the infinity pool

Tweens and teens alike won't get bored because there's plenty of things to do: Sea bicycle, banana boat, snorkeling, diving, boating.

Small kids will be happy playing sand, or sliding on the play area.

Bringing of food inside the resort is strictly prohibited...

...but no worries they have a restaurant that serves yummy food (try their sinigang na baboy)

Go boating before the sun sets...its super romantic!

Fully charge your cameras and videos to capture all the fun memories.

For inquiries: (632)520-6400, 0917-8836417, 0928-5060989

April 10, 2010


This is one event or gathering or party I never fail to attend! Belle De Jour Rendezvouz is filled with so much fun, games, raffles, prizes, raffles, prizes, raffles, prizes, raffles, prizes! Plus, keeping us girls updated with the latest fashion trends, health advice and tips on managing finances.

To meet and get to know more about each other BDJ Girls did the human bingo. Andrenalines were high, because first 3 to finish the human bingo gets a P1,000 gift certificate from Michelis.

The BDJ Rendevouz host, Jada Pangan

Una Rosa game: Dress me up

The Red Team

The Black Team: Very poised BDJ girll! liked her tattoo at the back too!

The Gray Team: the unanimous winners, Nikki Afuang and Zen Abelo. They each received black Una Rosa dress valued at P1,900+

Me, winning the Human Bingo, 1st place! Yippeee, P1,000 Michelis G.C.!

Jasmine Mendiola (prodessional make-up artist and stylist), talked about the latest summer fashion trends.

Tin Romano (CPA and Engagement Manager at McKinsey & Co.) talked about financial freedom.

Odessa Coral (Barre3 Trainer, Swimming Teacher, avid Marathoner and Ultra Marathoner) talked about health.

Delicious food was served....

by no other than...the ultimate girl, the girl of all girls, the founder and owner of Belle de Jour Power Planner, DARLYN SANDRA TY.

BDJ Rendezvouz attendees.

White Hat Yogurt after party desert, what else can you ask for from BDJ Rendezvouz, the best!!!

April 5, 2010


Tucked away in the hills overlooking South China Sea is a new concept development phase of Camaya Coast

Get in touch with your inner self. Rejuvenate your mind and spirit. Release yourself from stress and find peace, relaxation and total wellness.

Menara Point is a green community and at the center of it all is a nature spa, health and wellness destination: The Meditation Point

For free tripping to the site, contact KAREN 0932-6979525/ 0939-8561525, or email her at verticalscondo@yahoo.com