April 15, 2010

CANYON COVE Residential Beach Resort

Wake up to the soothing sound of the sea. Take a dip into the largest pools in town or lounged by the white sandy beach of the Cove.

Hotel rooms are big and clean.

This is my favorite part in the room, a nook overlooking the beach and the pool.

Behind us is another type of accommodation (exclusive for members).

Cottages are available for those whole go on a day tour (Day tour fee is Php500.00 per person)

Frolick in their almost white sand.

A never-ending fun in the infinity pool

Tweens and teens alike won't get bored because there's plenty of things to do: Sea bicycle, banana boat, snorkeling, diving, boating.

Small kids will be happy playing sand, or sliding on the play area.

Bringing of food inside the resort is strictly prohibited...

...but no worries they have a restaurant that serves yummy food (try their sinigang na baboy)

Go boating before the sun sets...its super romantic!

Fully charge your cameras and videos to capture all the fun memories.

For inquiries: (632)520-6400, 0917-8836417, 0928-5060989

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