July 1, 2010


I'm a certified Hapontukin person! My husband calls me MASA, not that I'm related to Liza Masa, but because, in my husband's own words..."masandal tulog". I have a lot to share on this topic. But I chose 5 of my most embarrasing Hapontukin moments.

We hear mass at 3pm because my husband dislikes the rush hour and we like the priest assigned at that mass hour. But imagine how I feel ! The moment, the welcome hymn stop, and people had to sit...immediately my Hapontukin sets in. Good thing I have my husband who gives me that look (the dikit kilay look). Plus, I have to be a role model to my 3 kids, so I do my best (every week!) to not fall asleep inside the church. I hope that God forgives me if at times I can't fight off afternoon sleepiness.
My wedding day...oh my wedding day! We requested guests to be at the Church at 4:30pm. Around 1pm while waiting for the make-up artist, I fell asleep! Only to wake up almost 3pm. We had to rush everything, from make-up to video and photo. I arrived at the Church almost 6pm. Mayor Benhur Abalos and the former Congressman Chuck Mathay (our sponsors) told us they were there at 4pm. Good thing our reception, Edsa Shangri-La Hotel, and the church Archbishop Palace in Villa San Miguel,Mandaluyong are just minutes away from each other, otherwise people will suspect I am a runaway bride.
Way back in college (that's 15 years + ago!) I used to ride a bus from Novaliches to Taft. It is so hard to commute from Novaliches; imagine the narrow road, the traffic and the bus was always jampacked! One time, before reaching my destination, the man beside me woke me up, introduced himself as an Engineer, and told me the following words, "Iha, bababa na ako. Next time wag mo na gagawin yan ha, kasi baka makasabay ka ng masamang loob kung ano ang gawin sayo, o baka nakawan ka..." I was so ashamed because the whole 2 hour ride, I was sleeping, with my head on this man's shoulders! After that, all my commuting I bring peanut or cornick to keep me busy on the whole ride.
In high school, my favorite place was the clinic. After lunch, I get super sleepy (plus I hate the subject which is Geometry!). What I usually do is I ask my bestfriend to bring me to the clinic and pretend to have headache. This went on at least once or twice a week for the whole 2 months. When the guidance councilor noticed this cycle, she wanted to see my mom. Good thing my mom knows that I have this Hapontukin problem, so I was covered. But after talking to the Guidance Councilor, I tried my best not to go to the clinic instead my bestfriend Gigi pinches me on my arm, hand, nape. The result, a lot of tiny fingernails mark!
In Grade Six, I have a super terror teacher. Our class is from 8am to 4pm. I really tried my best to contain my sleepiness from lunch time up to 4pm. But there was this one time I just fell off my chair!!! How embarrasing! So what I did, I pretended that I collapse, otherwise my teacher will let me stand on the armchair (that's how terror she was!). I heard my teacher saying, "kumuha ng tubig, paypayan nyo...". After that falling from chair incident, my teacher always reminds me to drink water. The water helps in a way but...because I have to go back and forth to the lavatory to urinate.

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