June 7, 2010

Johnsons & Johnsons Mommy Meet, Bedtime Routines

Last June 5, 2010 I attended Johnsons & Johnsons Mommy Meet at Dome Cafe, Makati. The topic was about Bedtime Routines and the importance of lullabies. Happy to have met new set of Bloggers.

Happy that the Meet was again facilitated by Ms. Karen Bayhon-Yrastorza, no dull talks with her.

Happy to have met Azrael, with his wife (on the right taking his photo) and new born baby (hidden, sleeping soundly).

Super happy that my son Juan tagged along.
Happy to have shared my experiences with all the attendees.

Would have been happier if Pehpot (oh my Pehpot) was around.


  1. Hey Joy!

    It was great meeting you last Saturday. Pa-grab ng pics ha? Didn't have my camera eh, and the ones I got through my mobile phone were not really blog-worthy. :D

    See you again next meet-up!

  2. Hi Joy, thanks for posting our pic! Next time, I should make sure I have charged batteries in my digicam :p

  3. I was invited too, unfortunately, I had other commitments that day. :(

  4. Wow, I'm sure it was fun meeting other bloggers.

  5. it must be fun... if only i lived in Metro Manila~!

  6. hahaha thanks sa photo

    il grab this..sana nakita yung baby ko..para bloggers in action hahaha


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