June 19, 2010


Just got home from Red Crab, Greenbelt 3. 30 Smart Parenting mom readers were invited by Smart Parenting Magazine for a chat, ala, focus group discussion to talk about innovations that will be happening to SP Mag coming this July 2010.

Moms were treated to a hearty snack.

The Editor-In-Chief of SP, Ms. Mia Fausto-Cruz, welcoming moms.

Ms. Justine , Managing Editor of Smart Parenting website, hosted the event.
Ms. Abbie Yabot talked about Attachment Parenting. She's an advocate of breastfeeding (La Leche), and homeschooling her kids.

There were raffles and games too. Here, I joined Pinoy Henyo with Janese Halabaso. Unfortunately I wasn't able to guess the word (hu!hu!).

Even Mia joined Pinoy Henyo.
And Justine too!!!

For parents who have children 0-6 years old, grab a copy of Smart Parenting Magazine at your favorite bookstore. Join the group at http://www.smartparenting.com/

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