July 20, 2010

Bonifacio Global City, BGC

Bonifacio Global City is one destination that we have, we need and we must visit at least once a week. Otherwise our three kids, Julia, Rafael & Juan will keep on reminding us, "dad, mom, we miss The Fort".

Always first on our list is Fully Booked. At Fully Booked we get the things each of us needs: statues, comics and novel books for my husband; princess and fairy books for Julia; car books for Rafael; chunky and colorful books for Juan; fashion, arts and crafts magazine for me.

At BGC, we get to see our favorite showbiz and media people.

As a blogger, I get invites for product launchings and other events, at BGC I get to bring my kids. While I cover the event for my blog, my children gets to play, they don't get bored while waiting for Mom. Aside from being kid friendly, BGC is also animal friendly. Here my kids gets to see different breed of dogs.

My youngest son, Juan, once asked me "Mom are we going to the Fort?". I replied, "yes anak,why?". Juan casually said, "next time let's go the Third naman ha".. Sometimes Juan will ask, "Mom is The Fort near the Fifth?". How's that sense of humor for a four year old boy?

Dining at Sofra is also a fave thing to do at BGC. You'll also get a glimpse of Sofra's Executive Chef, soft spoken but accommodating Martin Jickain. Sofra is located at The Fort Strip, Unit 5 and 6.

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