July 7, 2010

Life's Too Short Not to enJOY Life

Last July 4 my family were able to do 4 enJOYable things:

1. We were able to visit our lot in Alta Vista, Antipolo (last visited it 3 years ago). We're contemplating whether to build a house here or just stay in Manda where everything is near.

2. We're able to attend the 2nd Birthday of my inaanak, July. Had fun chatting with my Kumare Jeanne. EnJOYed chicken JOY!!!

3. We're able to visit my late Father-in-law's bestfriend, Mang Cezar, in Teresa, Rizal. Had fun talking to Mang Cezar's apos:Jenzen & JOY. Most of all, learned something from the old man (share it with you on a separate blog).

4. Attended Nestle's Wellness Expo at Megamall. Freebies, freebies, freebies!!!


  1. wow...what a productive day ate! i read about the herbal drink... nice one....sana sama din ako sa nestle events ate...hehheh more freebies..hehhehheh

  2. next time, I'll try to post early the events i'm attending, let you know..


Thank you for the joyful comments!