July 7, 2010

Mang Cesar's Herbal Drink

This is Mang Cezar. He was (noticed, I'm using past tense?) diabetic. He told us that a few years back doctors advised him to undergo leg amputation. He joked the doctor that he didn't want to because they might next cut his thigh, then his body. Of course the doctor didn't like the joke because it was apparent he needed the amputation or it might cause him his life. He has no money at that time so when he was able to raise pamasahe (fare) he went to PGH to a get second opinion. He met a good doctor. Mang Cezar told him he didn't want the amputation nor to drink synthetic medicines. The doctor told him about herbal plants that might (a stress on MIGHT, no guarantees whatsoever) help him. Good thing, all four herbal plants are available in his taniman (backyard). Now, at 78, Mang Cezar is diabetes-free, preaches at a nearby church, drives his own vehicle, takes care of his 2 granddaughters and helping a lot of people (including a judge) who has the same health problem he used to have.

Mang Cezar's 600 sq/m backyard plantation where all of his herbal plants grow. Guava, avocado to name a few are planted here too but I like asking him for bananas and pandan during visits. Next visit, I'll be asking Mang Cezar for the 4 herbal plants I will be mentioning below.

My husband with Mang Cezar, inside their humble and welcoming house.

Mang Cezar carefully instructing me on how to prepare the herbal drink.

What you need:

4.5 liters of water

40 pcs. lagundi leaves

15 pcs. pandan leaves

1 bunch masambong leaves

24 inches (equally cut into four) makabuhay

Procedure: Place all 5 ingredients in a big pot, boil for 40 minutes. Let cool, strain, then place inside the ref.

Drink it 3 times a day (before breakfast, before lunch, before dinner)

WARNING: Super bitter!!! But what made me want to drink Mang Cezar's herbal drink? My family has a long history of diabetes. My paternal grandmother died due to diabetes. My dad, now at 60, is diabetic. My mom passed away at an early age of 43 (1993) due to renal failure (may be due to diabetes as doctors claimed). At 36 (going 37 by July 12, don't forget to greet me...pleaseeeee!!!) I have elevated blood pressure, high blood cholesterol and thyroid problem. I have been prescribed medicines to lower my cholesterol and blood pressure since 2008 but I haven't followed the doctor because I'm still breastfeeding/nursing my son Juan (yes, still, at 4 1/2 years old!)

I drink Mang Cezar's herbal drink only in the morning before breakfast. My verdict, so far, good! I feel more energetic. I have a problem with indigestion, but just 4 days of drinking Mang Cezar's herbal drink my bowel movement turned well, I deposit (defecate) every day without pain.

Disclaimer: But this works for me and people that have benefited from this drink. This is in no way a prescription to alter your doctors prescribed medicines. Take at your own risk (super bitter taste!!).


  1. tell me what you think, or better, share me your own (or somebody you know) herbal drink.

  2. ay.. I wanna try that for my MIL.. diabetic din sya :(

  3. sige, go, malay mo it'll work for her too.


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