July 15, 2010


I got an invite from an undisclosed recipient last July 07 regarding the launch of Medical City's Center for Wellness and Aesthetics, stated in the e-invite: July 8, 2010, 4pm. Only to find out that media and bloggers were at the 10am schedule. Good thing Ms. Nest accommodated us so well. We even had a private Q&A with Dr. Oyie Balburias, the confusion on the time was indeed a blessing in disguise. What really made this day super special is spending time with Pehpot (oh my Pehpot!). Just like me, Pehpot is a fulltime mom (of 4 kids). She's also a super blogger! We don't get to see each other a lot, but when we do, we really do have fun.

Dr. Oyie answering our questions (mostly coming from Pehpot because Jonah and I were super star strucked!The handsome doc even more handsome in person)

With Jona Alforque, Pehpot Pineda and Dr. Oyie

We were served healthy and yummy food here at the veranda (just right outside the lobby room of the Center for Wellness and Aesthetics).

The Center for Wellness and Aesthetics Spa.

Steam and sauna room.

Ms. Ness Ramos, TMC's Asst. Manager for Corporate Communications, happily touring us inside the Center for Wellness and Aesthetics.

You wouldn't think you're in a hospital. Furnitures and fixtures were carefully chosen to meet the high standard of VIP clients.

I Like the bathroom, feels like I'm in a hotel.

Attendees: Doctor, sponsors and partners.

Ms. Dina Bonnevie is the face of TMC's Center for Wellness and Aesthetics. The road to her new role was tough. Back in APRIL OF 2009, Ms. D had a mild stroke. she was rushed to TMC'S E.R. after her right arm went numb, and it was there she learned about her poor state of health. Her attending physician, Dr. Rolando A. Balburias, Consultant-Director of TMC's Center for Wellness and Aesthetics, met with Ms. D after her post-ER scare check-up. Dr. Balburias introduced her to the Center and designed a wellness package that best suit Ms. D's particular lifestyle. Upon his recommendation, she went on to see an allergologist, a nutritionist, and other specialists who helped her make the right decisions and get her back into shape.

Ms. D with Jona and Pehpot.

Glad to see my former officemate Honeylet.

The Medical City is a tertiary health care organization with over forty years' experience in hospital operation and administration towards the establishment of its world-class health care complex, serving some 40,000 out-patients annually. TMC has a medical staff of 1,100 physicians who are established experts in their various fileds of specialization. This core of professionals is complemented by a 2,200 strong human resource complement, engaged in allied medical, administrative and support services. At the heart of TMC's service philosophy are new paradigms of hospital care addressing the entire continuum of health needs, and the patient as an equal, informed and empowered partner in the pursuit and preservation of health. TMC is accreditedby the Joint Commission International (JCI), the world's most prestigious accrediting body for international health care organizations, and is a Reader's Digest Asia Trusted Brands Awardee. http://www.themedicalcity.com/


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