July 6, 2010

Mommy Academy

I have been a member of Mommy Academy since 2004. Mommy Academy is a one-stop organization advocating active and educated parenting since 1999 using multiple mediums in becoming the ultimate support group for parents. Currently MA is still actively reaching out and sharing valuable child rearing knowledge with thousands of families through its events.
Photos below was Mommy Academy's event held at Dusit Last May 15, 2010. Amy Perez graced the event. This coming July 10, 2010 be a part of Mommy Academy's 37th Pedia Talk Live entitled, "Intellectual Property" Back to school tips and tricks from the experts. Topics to be presented: Learn how to help your child become an A-plus student, Beating back school blues, Homework and Study Basics, Keeping their health in tiptop shape and knowing and understanding God's wisdom. Seminar is free but pre-registration is a must. Log on at http://www.mommyacademy.com.ph/ to pre-register.

Back to Back with Mommy Academy is Kid Adventure, where kids get to have fun while their parents actively attend Mommy Academy lectures and seminars.

With storyteller Jay Menes

Winners of the Mommy Dear drawing contest.

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