July 19, 2010

My 37th Birthday

Had no plans of celebrating my 37th birthday last July 12. All I wanted to do was to sleep, sleep and SLEEP. I needed to recharge because the past weeks had been super busy (from events planning and hosting, attending product launching, and doing household chores).

Life has a way of changing your plans in life. 6am of July 12, twins Julia and Rafael were picked up by their school bus. The ever courteous Kuya Chriz carried their super, mega, gigantic, heavy bags. Mondays to Fridays I normally tell Kuya Chriz to bring my kids safe and early back home. But that particular day, I blurted "Kuya Chriz, mamaya daanan mo spaghetti nyo ha, birthday ko e." My negative brain said, "what a fool! How will you get to sleep? Now you have to cook spaghetti!". Tried to convince myself, okay I will just order spaghetti and give it to Kuya Chriz and 3 other school bus staff.

At 10am, my nephew Jomes came to deliver our daily collection from our market. It's my mother-in-law who usually brings the money. Jomes is one very special nephew, so I wasn't able to refuse when he asked, "Tita Joy dadaan po ba kami mamaya?" (translation: are you celebrating later?). Without hesitation I replied, "oo, sama mo mga kapatid mo."
At 12nn, I found myself calling Ate Flora of Angel's Institute of Learning (Juan's Pre-School), "Ate Flora ilan kayong staff and teachers dyan?"
Good thing Red Ribbon delivers cake. Below are my balloons resourcefully collected by my kids from my previous events and lovingly posted by my husband.
This pink balloon, from my inaanak's (AMARA FLORIANE CATOLOS) christening last July 11.
This blue balloon from my inaanak's (JULY DAUG) 2nd birthday last July 3.
This pink & purple balloon from PARENTIN's 1st Year Anniversary last July 10.
I was SUPER HAPPY that my brother JUBERT came. An hour prior to his coming we were talking on the phone, he greeted me, and then said, "sige na Ate Joy, paalis na ko". I was a bit sad because our conversation wasn't that long. Then I said, "o sige, san ba punta mo?" Noy (as we fondly call him) said, "dyan".
My friend, kumare, kaklase, kakulitan JINGLE LEOMO. Ke me handa ke wala nandyan, basta lang di busy sa run, sa pamumundok, sa opisina at sa kung ano pa man.
The simple things in life truly makes my heart happy...this may be my simplest birthday celebration but this shall be one of those happiest.
My family, my life..Rafael giving birthday wish.
Syempre Pinoy, mawawala ba ang kantahan!
And the winner for the kantahan, garnering the highest score, CHUMCIE CARLYN MENDIOLA


  1. oh you had a blast that day! siguro kung tinawagn kita nun naimbitahan mo din ako haha

    grabe ung brother mo para kayong twins!

    miss yah!

  2. kaya pala we have a lot in common and we seem to understand each other; magkasunod tayo ng birthday heheh what a coincident! I'm on the 13th just right next to you... Cancer as well, now I know why YOUR name is JOY. Simple and meaningful just like STAR... ahihih


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