July 7, 2010

Nestle's Wellness Expo 2010

It was my first time to attend Nestle's Wellness Expo last July 4, 2010. I was shocked to see a lot of people. Good thing I saw Trixie Sia, met her at Nesvita's 10 Most Beautiful Awarding of winners (She's Nesvita's former Manager, who's now handling Nestle's Events). Truly, Nestle has the biggest follower among any commercial food products. Nice that they have this kind of event to recognize the value of their consumers. See you again next year. Be early!

Juan had fun playing at Milo's area (he likes green things)

Twins Julia & Rafael exploring Nido's booth.

All our favorite Nestle products have their own tasting booth.

Julia & Rafael challenging each other on memory board game, Rafael won.

Of course being one of Nesvita's winners (I'll write about it next blog) this is my favorite booth!

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