July 9, 2010

NESVITA's 10 Most Beautiful

I have been taking Nesvita the second day I learned I have high cholesterol and elevated blood pressure. When I read in Boy Kuripot's (thank you, thank you! follow Philippine Freebies and Promos) blog about a contest on how Nesvita made you feel beautiful, I immediately set-up our own photo shoot. Here, kulitan with my kiddos (all photos were taken by Juan's BFF and cousin, Ate Pao. Thanks Pao!)

This is my winning entry: "I am a busy woman in this busy world. With plenty of things to do and always in hurry, I oftentimes forget to eat a balanced diet, thus causing my bad cholesterol and blood pressure to shoot up. Just 2 months of taking Nesvita twice a day normalized my cholesterol and blood pressure. Now, I have more time to enjoy with my husband, kids and life

as a whole. Thanks NESVITA for making me feel beautiful.".

Behind the scene shoot for the print ad material coming out in YES Magazine on August (please do grab a copy).

Michelle, my make-up artist, soft spoken but super nice.

It's not easy to be a model, felt awkward the whole time.

Co-winner, Tita

Our Cutie Director, with Cocaine (Coke) here.

Our funny Photographer

The super cool Producer: Carlo Amores

With the Publicis Manila Fashionable Girls.


  1. wowsuper ganda naman ate ko...grabe!

  2. hi fren! ang ganda mo! u truly deserve the title!

  3. hi miss joy dont make tampo napo to miss pehpit hehe... i recognize you also from the BDJ event..hi there... following you na hehehe...sana ako din hehe.. belated a happy birthday!!

  4. you know carlo pala ate joy... he's my kumpare... hehe = POPS

  5. pretty naman ni mommy joy...


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