July 5, 2010

ParenTIN.tv 1st Year Anniversary

ParenTIN.tv's First Year Anniversary was a blast!!! Took home a lot of prizes!!! I was awarded Most Active member and was given a Rinnae Table Top Gas Range.

ParenTIN's Staff Headed by Exec. Producer
Estelle Custodio-Piencenaves Awardees for the First ever ParenTIN Award includes: Mayor Jun Jun Binay.

Couple Paolo Abrera and Suzie Entrata Abrera

Couple Anthony Pangilinan and Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan were represented by their children. The couple are in Singapore to visit Maricel's sis (Mutya Crisostomo who's due to give birth)

Maribel Dionisio Awardee for Education Category.

Entertainers includes: The Ainon twins (reminds me of my twin kids when they were babies).

Nikki Valdez I know this talented boy, but forgot his name.

Grand winners for the Little Tikes Raffle: My husband, John.
Mommy Anne who exchange her real prize (Kitchen Set) with this one since her kid is a boy.
Pregnant mom (good thing she's a baby girl)
Mommy Star with kids.
Kids and adults alike were super entertained by Wanlu!!!! Wanlu gave a nice personalized shirt to all the guests who volunteered to be his puppet.

My John--ny Baby was not spared, he gamely joined Wanlu.

Games: Baby Dress-up Relay: Moms vs. Dads

Pehpot doing the relay.
Hubby has to join the game, there weren't too many dads in the crowd.

And the Moms won!!! Yehey!

Pass the Toy Game

Mommy Star and I won. If ParenTIN has to choose between us, I'd be cheering for Star, she was so sport, she danced gracefully while doing the game.

My super love Blogger Sistah, Pehpot!

Moms (and kids too) I met, Mommy Lourdes. Who turned out to be a cousin of my very few guy friends I haven't seen for the longest time. Happy to have met her!

With my friend and kumare. Super shy and soft-spoken Eleanor Labrador.

Marlyn Borje and daughter Elaine.

One of my favorite Event Buddies, super nice, and smart Vance Madrid with nephew Kyle. Vance won as one of the MOst ACtive member.

Backstage with the Celebs: with Paolo and Suzie Abrera.

With Maribel Dionisio. First met her in 2006 in Mommy Academy. She talked about having a once a week date with each of your kids; followed it and still following. Makes my kiddos feel they are super loved by me.

With Mayor Binay.

With Tin Tin, Jing and Jenny.

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  1. we really enjoyed this event, hopefully soon we'll make a bigger family! the more, the merrier... so nice meeting old friends once again and meeting new friends at the same time. hope to see you again SOON! God bless


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