July 26, 2010

A Word is Born

Unfriend just voted the New Oxford American Dictionary's word of the year in the US, "unfriend" is slowly catching on. Strictly speaking it means to remove someone as a friend from a social networking site, such as Facebook. But it is also increasingly used to mean the detachment in real life from a friend you have fallen out with, or one who's become dull or annoying . (Adapted from Reader's Digest, May 2010 Issue)

I have been "unfriend" at some point; some have deleted me from their Friendster and FB friends. But what hurts the most is that two of my friends I have known a long time have "unfriended" me in real life. They met thru me, and now they are the best of friends. I am happy that I was the reason they met and connected. The last time I saw them was July of 2008. Two years have past, I have forgiven them. I hope they have forgiven me too for whatever reason they might have for "unfriending" me.

For 2 years, I have guarded myself from being too close to people - people that might "unfriend" me in the future. But life must go on, you meet people everyday. People that God send to heal the pain that you have been feeling for a long time. I'm thankful and JOYful, I am again ready to share the gift of friendship...

with Pehpot at Medical City Wellness Center Launch. She opened my eyes in believing (again) that men are by nature good.

with Cocaine "Coke" Go at A. Venue Hotel. Met her at Nesvita shoot. She imparted that Trusting people is such an important role in human life. Thank you Coke, for the trust you gave me.

with Mommy Star and super cute Mariam at Jollibee, Maysilo (July 26, 2010). Rhederlee, is a very happy person, believing that life's too short not to enJOy it.

Jenny Roxas and Jing Javier, at Jenny's place (July 21, 2010). These 2 cool moms really know how to have fun without sacrificing the needs of their family. They are low profile yet super fashionable.


  1. AWWW! I'm so touched with this, my friend. From now on, u'll experience no "unfriend" vocabulary in your life. We are all happy and pleased to be your friend. When's our next bonding? hihihi miss u girl! mwah!!! ;-*

  2. and thanks to you because YOU added joy to my life as well... Thanks for real friendship and thanks for listening with all your heart.

  3. At black and white tayo no ;)

    ewan ko ba kung anong pinakain mo sa kain, ang agan agad ng loob ko sa'yo

  4. pehpot: talagang black and white, imagine bedroom blog in the middle of the night, ay morning na nga madalas, i pray that ours will last a lifetime.
    star: you're a star that shines in me, your positive outlook in life radiates like a star...
    jing:no unfriending ha!!!til our next event, kakainip wala pa...

  5. Hi JOy! Indeed you are worthy of that trust..I must say that I am so lucky that I've found a friend in you..It's true sometimes that It's not how much you are together or how long you have known each other that determines "True Friendship"..Just by simply being you,someone I could talk to about anything, & just by being there...you have been one true friend to me...CHEERS! Hoping to catch up with you whenever i visit Manila....Take care always!

  6. Coke: I understand you a lot girl, I can relate (when i was your age) i used to have so much in my mind...

  7. hi joy! mia here. we met at a J&J event in Dome Cafe a couple of months back. hope you still remember me.

    i love your blog! and i love this post...seriously!

    but you know what? i'm not worried for you...because, in the brief time that i've shared with you during that mommy meet-up sponsored by nuffnang, i KNOW that you are a beautiful lady with a beautiful heart. ang chika mo sobra sa akin and i appreciated that so much.

    armed with that sincerity, i'm pretty sure hindi ka mauubusan ng REAL friends!



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