August 29, 2010

Dear John the Movie & my own JOHN

After a month of preparing, marketing, and endless calls with Mommy Academy's parenting partners, finally Mommy Academy's Pregnancy and Baby Series was over. When I have event organizing and hosting projects I give my (MAJOR MAJOR) BEST because I want my clients to get their money's worth. Good thing the Pregnancy and Baby Series ended well. I'm back to being a wife and mom...time to relax.

I just finished watching Dear John, starring Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried...made me cry...I like this movie! The story is about two persons finding love in just two weeks of meeting each other. The guy has to leave and finish his military service while the girl has to finish her studies. Their love affair continued thru writing of letters.

This movie reminded me of my own love story, with my own JOHN, my husband...I met him December 21, 1992 on my cousins' (Rommel & Mimi's) wedding day. We were introduced but never get to talk again. Though my cousin Norman (his friend) tells me that John likes me, I didn't believe. I saw the photo of his first girlfriend (I'm his 2nd and last girlfriend!!yipeee!!) super pretty girl. When my mom passed away April 9, 1993, John paid me a visit on April 18, 1993 for 'pa-siyam' to extend his condolences with me and my family. A week after he sent me card...

(the first ever card my JOHN sent)
(by the way my JOHN's real name is RAFAEL, he's Raffy to friends, classmates, and acquaintances)
I immediately answered his card/letter...with the card below...I didn't get a reply though..I waited for 2 months, still no letter from him.I gave up, said to myself, "ahh maybe he realized he does not like me that much". By the end of June 1993, I boarded a room with my brother's girlfriend Ate Cleo (now my brothers wife, with 3 kids). Since we were both Psychology Majors (she was already graduate working at Landmark by that time) I asked if I could borrow some of her books. She told me to go get whatever I need. From the many Psychology books she had, I took Theories of Personality, opened it, lo and behold, the card below was inserted from the thick pages of that book!!! I stood there frozen, that's why John did reply. My letter didn't reach him.

After my class, I went to my cousin Norman's house and asked him to personally deliver my card above along with the 3 pages of yellow pad letter below. All the while my John was thinking 'I realized I didn't like him that much'. And the rest, as they say, is history...
(Some of the cards and letters that my John sent me throughout our 7 year relation)
(Which I carefully filed here)
(One of the many letters I sent my John)
(Which I painstakingly filed, and gave him as a gift for our 10 year anniversary last 2003)
For those who believe in love, who are in love, who wants to fall in love, who love love per se, catch John the movie in dvd's and cd's (please in original form, not in pirated copy).

Care to tell me your greatest love story? Send it to me via , along with some photos.

August 24, 2010


We eat at Super Bowl Megamall every Friday (after my kids piano, voice and guitar lessons at Yamaha) little did I know they have party packages (I only learned about it last Friday). I'm happy to know about this because now I can bring family and friends for a get together without the hassle of serving them the usual fast-food.

Here's Super Bowl's Party Meals (All good for 30 persons):

A - P10,200 (Pork siomai, sweet corn & chicken soup, golden shanghai chicken, sweet & sour pork, fish fillet w/ taosi sauce, braised e-fu noodles, mixed vegetable fried rice or plain rice, deep fried sesame balls and bottomless iced-tea)

B - P12,000 (pork siomai, soup, fish fillet, lemon chicken, BBQ pork asado, beef w/oyster sauce. stir fried noodles, mixed vegetable fried rice/plain rice,deep fried sesame balls, bottomless iced-tea

C - P14,100 (hakao, chicken egg drop soup, fish fillet, deep fried pork ribs w/ spicy salt, hunan beef, fried crispy chicken, birthday noodles, mixed vegetable fried rice/yang chow fried rice, crunchy banana balls, bottomless iced-tea)

D - P16,500 (hakao,chicken egg drop soup, szechuan shrimp,deep fried pork ribs, beef w/oyster sauce,fried chicken, noodles,Yang chow fried rice,crunchy banana balls, bottomless iced tea)

E - P18,000 (hakao,pork siomai, minced beef westlake soup,szechuan shrimp,honey glazed pork ribs,beef w/oyster sauce,fried chicken, noodles, yang chow fried rice. almond jelly w/mixed fruits, bottomless iced-tea)

They also offer Off-Site Parties (minimum of 50 person) For further infos on Super Bowl's Party Packages visit their branches.

Women Mentoring Women "Through Her Eyes"

There is so much that is required from you and me! You may have a career that demands much of your time yet you have the equally daunting task of being a wife and/or a mother? How do you give your best to both of these?
Be part of 'Through Her Eyes" a conference by Women Mentoring Women. Limited slots, if interested in joining call or txt Odette 0920-9503830/Iree 0917-805656

AINON Baby Mascots

When attending parenting and baby events, I get joyful seeing Ainon Baby Mascots. They remind me of my twin kids Julia & Rafael when they were babies.

(this photo was taken during's 1st Yr. Anniv.)

(Rafael & Julia's photos when they were months old)
I bought many Ainon Baby stuff for the twins (just like the photos below), having twins is twice the happiness and fun, but also means buying same items (only differs in color) at the same time .

August 22, 2010

ELECTOLUX Wok-a-holics Finals

Electrolux Wok-a-holics Finals was set at SM Makati yesterday. There were 3 teams that competed namely, Wonder Moms, Gimikeras & Wok with Moms.

Photo before the start of the cook-off with pretty moms/supporters.
VJ Samantha of 96.3 Easy Rock

(Let the games...err cooking...begin...)

Des and I still managed to smile here, clock just started...59 minutes to cook more smiling...(Des, sorry I stressed you out)
Our team (from elimination to finals) was applauded for the great presentation/plating

all courtesy of my partner.

Smiling again...hay, nakahinga na ulit!
The judges while tasting our recipes
The teams awaiting the final scores
Wonder Moms, 1st Place. Each will be receiving an Electrolux Gas Range worth P23,00 + Meyer cookware worth P1,500 (not bad huh for a mom who just want a pop-u toaster (Me) and a mom who just loves to cook (Des)

With Chef Bruce Lim of Asian Food Channel
and the Grand Winner, the GIMIKERAS, each will receive an Electrolux Gas Range worth P35,00 + Meyer cookware worth P5,000!!! They also bagged the Media's Choice Award which will earn them a exhaust hood for cooking.
With Mr. Robbie Ablen of Purple Minds Co. and Mr. Joel Barillos of Mommy Academy. Both gentlemen have to endure the never-ending noise of all the mommy contestants from briefing to the finals. Thank you sirs for your time, effort and great patience.
To all our friends who watched, supported and waited patiently from start to end, THANK YOU!

They are, from left to right: LYN BORJE,JONA ALFORQUE, RIZA, JENNY ROXAS with son COCOY, MIMI SALCEDO and GRACE VINDOLLO with son LANCE (not in photo, JING JAVIER & BEDALYN)
To ELECTROLUX, THANK YOU for this once in a lifetime cooking contest! You have made it possible for regular moms like us to show hidden talent in cooking.
To MOMMY ACADEMY, THANK YOU for always supporting Mommy Academy members not just in terms of free parenting seminars, more so with contest like Electrolux Wok-a-holics that highlights the best qualities of moms and dads too.
To VJ SAMATHA of 96.3 EASY ROCK, THANK YOU for lending us your sweet voice, bubbly and friendly persona all throughout the Wok-a-holics show. Listening to you have made our senses more calm and at ease.
To CHEF BRUCE LIM of AFC, THANK YOU for all the positive criticisms you have given. All of us agree that if not for your presence, we wouldn't have given our best.

August 18, 2010

Electrolux Wok-A-Holics (Semi Final Round)

Nothing beats the feeling of winning (especially when you least expect it!), all I wanted was the Electrolux Pop-up Toaster. Last August 14, we went very early at Mall of Asia to compete for the elimination round of Electrolux Wok-a-holics Challenge. Six tandems made it to the semis, then the next day...back at MOA for the semi-final round.

Photos before the contest started: with Ate Mimi, Star & Des
...and the countdown begins...
For the semis: Our team, Wonder Moms were head 0n with Ms. Mimi Salcedo and her neighbor.
Ummm, let's taste it first..

Des did the plating, the cooking, the thinking...I her with all my heart (lol)


Our winning recipe...Stir Fry Beef with water chestnuts, mushrooms and snow peas
1st Batch to compete for the semis: We won, yippeeee!!!
My partner,super posed!
2nd Batch: Ms. Honey's (2nd from left) team won

Third Batch: Gimikeras (in orange) won.
Gimikeras cried after being announced the winners. The judges had a hard time choosing because Ms. Emma's Team actually cooked so good too. I finished a big bowl of their rice dish.
Sir Terry (Electrolux's Marketing Manager) handing out out prize, an Electrolux Tabletop electric griller.
The people behind Electrolux Wok-a-holic Challenge, headed by Mr. Robbie R. Ablen of Purple Minds Co. (thank you Sir Rob for the tremendous patience you have given us, makukulits, maiingay moms/contestants)
Happy, it's so nice to be happy...after all the bloody brainstorming with our respective teams.
VJ Samantha gamely posed for this photos
Chef Bruce...what more can I say, we're all afraid when he starts tasting our menu, but he's super nice after each cook off.
Tomorrow will be the finals...Whatever happens the 3 teams are already winners. Each member of the teams will get a gas range, the price will just vary, of course the Champions will get the most expensive range.
To those who wish to watch the finals, go at SM Makati. Our cook off will start at 3pm, but if you might want to win some prizes too, be there around 10am. Electrolux will have cooking show and raffle for the attendees.