August 24, 2010

AINON Baby Mascots

When attending parenting and baby events, I get joyful seeing Ainon Baby Mascots. They remind me of my twin kids Julia & Rafael when they were babies.

(this photo was taken during's 1st Yr. Anniv.)

(Rafael & Julia's photos when they were months old)
I bought many Ainon Baby stuff for the twins (just like the photos below), having twins is twice the happiness and fun, but also means buying same items (only differs in color) at the same time .

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  1. waahaha twins pala sila??? galing naman! now ko lang nalaman pero lagi ko silang nakikita... napakaswerte mo naman 1-click 1 boy & girl kagad, kota ka na agad heheh mmmwah May God give you more blessings everyday Joy!


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