August 29, 2010

Dear John the Movie & my own JOHN

After a month of preparing, marketing, and endless calls with Mommy Academy's parenting partners, finally Mommy Academy's Pregnancy and Baby Series was over. When I have event organizing and hosting projects I give my (MAJOR MAJOR) BEST because I want my clients to get their money's worth. Good thing the Pregnancy and Baby Series ended well. I'm back to being a wife and mom...time to relax.

I just finished watching Dear John, starring Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried...made me cry...I like this movie! The story is about two persons finding love in just two weeks of meeting each other. The guy has to leave and finish his military service while the girl has to finish her studies. Their love affair continued thru writing of letters.

This movie reminded me of my own love story, with my own JOHN, my husband...I met him December 21, 1992 on my cousins' (Rommel & Mimi's) wedding day. We were introduced but never get to talk again. Though my cousin Norman (his friend) tells me that John likes me, I didn't believe. I saw the photo of his first girlfriend (I'm his 2nd and last girlfriend!!yipeee!!) super pretty girl. When my mom passed away April 9, 1993, John paid me a visit on April 18, 1993 for 'pa-siyam' to extend his condolences with me and my family. A week after he sent me card...

(the first ever card my JOHN sent)
(by the way my JOHN's real name is RAFAEL, he's Raffy to friends, classmates, and acquaintances)
I immediately answered his card/letter...with the card below...I didn't get a reply though..I waited for 2 months, still no letter from him.I gave up, said to myself, "ahh maybe he realized he does not like me that much". By the end of June 1993, I boarded a room with my brother's girlfriend Ate Cleo (now my brothers wife, with 3 kids). Since we were both Psychology Majors (she was already graduate working at Landmark by that time) I asked if I could borrow some of her books. She told me to go get whatever I need. From the many Psychology books she had, I took Theories of Personality, opened it, lo and behold, the card below was inserted from the thick pages of that book!!! I stood there frozen, that's why John did reply. My letter didn't reach him.

After my class, I went to my cousin Norman's house and asked him to personally deliver my card above along with the 3 pages of yellow pad letter below. All the while my John was thinking 'I realized I didn't like him that much'. And the rest, as they say, is history...
(Some of the cards and letters that my John sent me throughout our 7 year relation)
(Which I carefully filed here)
(One of the many letters I sent my John)
(Which I painstakingly filed, and gave him as a gift for our 10 year anniversary last 2003)
For those who believe in love, who are in love, who wants to fall in love, who love love per se, catch John the movie in dvd's and cd's (please in original form, not in pirated copy).

Care to tell me your greatest love story? Send it to me via , along with some photos.


  1. I'm an avid listener and viewer of love stories inc. dear john.. And this is one of those flashy and inspiring true to life love stories I ever heard... big thanks Joy for letting us hear ur love story during our "antayan" session wayback on our art class. Hope to share something like this in the future.. can't wait na.... cheers.

  2. wow, i just watched this last night!

    you are so good in keeping all your letters and cards :) way to go!

  3. WOW... nakaka-inlove naman ang love story mo, I'll try to look for that movie para ma-inlove uli ako heheh I won't STOP LOVING kasi sayang ang life without it, someday dadating din yan ulit and sana MR. RIGHT na ang dumating...

  4. My own John and I watched this together and we reminisced about our letter-writing days...esp.during the times he was working abroad (KSA,US) and there wasn't e-mailing yet. We wrote diary or journal-like letters to each you can just imagine the tons of mails we have! JJ also had them in a binder by year, LOL!


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