August 16, 2010

Electrolux Wok-A-Holics Challenge (Elimination Round)

Who would have thought I will be joining, much more winning, a cooking contest. The only viand I can cook nicely are beef steak, chicken curry and afritada, that's it! I joined Electrolux Wok-A-Holic Contest just for the fun of it. Most of my Mommy Academy friends will be joining so I decided to just go ahead with it. Originally, my partner should have been my husband, but as fate would have it, I ended up with Des (Ms. Lourdes Labii). Truly, nature has its own way of bringing people together. Des and I complement each other. She's soft spoken while I'm not, she's patient while I'm not, she cooks well while I don't, we both love to eat though.
This is our winning entry: J.LOU's BEEF STEAK with broccoli and asparagus
Des in action while I cheer for her (ha!ha!). I learned from this cook off challenge that I am good at assisting people!

I'm super proud of LOURDES!!! She's super patient with my non-stop talking and kakulitan.

Photo's after our cooking session, composed moms again!

There were 12 pairs during the elimination round. Here, Six pairs emerged, and was set to compete the next day for semi finals. Each member of the winning teams got an Electrolux microwave oven. Each members of the 6 non-winning teams got an Electrolux Pop-up Toaster.
The JUDGES: Headed by Chef Bruce Lim of Asian Food Channel.

Wok-a-holic was hosted by VJ Samantha of 96.3 Easy Rock.

Before the cook-off photos: With Chef Bruce, Jenny Roxas and Marlyn Borje

Behind the scene photos: My partner, busy preparing our ingredients, while I do the talking and photo taking.


  1. great joy! congratulations in advance for both of you! good luck on august 21.. 2 thumbs up for both of you guys!

  2. What can I say, it's just so EXCITING!!! Sarap ng luto nyo, gusto ko pa sana kaya lng ubos na un dish na huling niluto nyo heheh...

    Thanks a lot for inviting me to join this challenge, puro joy nlng binibigay mo sa akin sa family ko... They like you kahit una ka lng nila nakita gaan daw loob ni dad sa'yo heheh... Thanks thanks thanks for being such a GOOD FRIEND... love u Joy, take care always & more, more blessings to come! mwaah

  3. hello! congrats po sayo...god bless!


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