September 1, 2010

A Fan At Heart

I am a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister and a friend. I am happy being all these. I get joyful seeing showbiz stars, political figures and other people known in our society. Some people think it's 'kabaduyan', others would call people like me 'jologs'. My husband is not into these things, he used to stop me doing paparazzi, but because he a supportive spouse, now when he sees well-known personalities he's the first to tell me to take photos with them. I have seen many well-known people, some are nice and friendly, others are snob but these will not stop me from being a fan at heart.

With Chris Lawrence in Tough Jeans Launch. I actually do not know his name, had to ask Deepa of Manila Bulletin, "who's this guy at my back? The one who sang Careless Whisper, the ex boyfriend of Katrina Halili". (2010)

Roy Rovilson. Again I had to ask Deepa for his nameThe hilarious and multi-talented Mitch Valdez. Coming from a dinner at Edsa Shangri-La Hotel. I was kind of afraid to ask her, but she was nice enough to say (with a big smile pa!), "halika, halika" (2010)
Nikki Valdez. Photo taken at's CCA event (2010)

Jeffrey Hildalgo at Nestle's Heaven Ice Cream Launch (2010)

Will DeVaughn. Probably one of the nicest!!! Along with Jenny Roxas and Jing Javier, he talked as if we're friends. (2010)
Joey Mead. Masayahin. She told me to pose like her...awkward! (2010)

While strolling Bonifacio High Street, these DJs were giving their radio station's sticker.

Rica Peralejo...sisters? She actually look like my youngest sister, Liezl.

Mirriam Quiambao at I Am Beautiful Seminar (2009)

Again, with Mirriam, at White Hat Event (2010)

Socialite and philanthropist Ms. Baby Arenas at Rustan's Makati. She even invited us to visit her in her Pangasinan farm, she said, "you come and visit me in Pangasinan. In case I'm not around, tell my people you're my friends, show this to them...sabay bigay ng flyers. Her daughter, at that time was running for a political position in Pangasinan. (2009)

My favorite! Christine Babao-Bersola. Genuinely nice!!! At Launch, Lancaster Hotel

Newscaster Sheryl Cosim (2009)

The Secretary of Tourism (2010)

Famous Mama Rene, Renee Salud. He looked a lot like my professor in college, Mrs. Sofia Leonano (2010)

Donita Rose at PowerPlant Mall. While dining at Burgoo, along with my husband and Dr. Dolf Pascual, Donita passed by our window. I waved at her, and she waved back. I gestured for her to come in and have a bite. She waited outside Burgoo, and gestured for us to go out. We went out, and this is what she said, "bumalik ako, akala ko kasi you (pertaining to me) are one of my Chinese friends". (2006)

GARY V. at Direk Freddie Santos' Blog launch at the Republiq (2010)

Bimbo Cerrudo

Direk Freddie Santos

Martin Jickain, outside the Resto where he works as a Chef. He was smoking outside when I passed their group. I went back and asked him, "are you Aiko's ex-husband?". He replied with a big grin, "yeah". He handed his business card, that's when I remembered his name. (2010)

The Vixen, Vernie Varga. She was my mom's super favorite singer. Kalog, walang arte. Sayaw ng sayaw kasama si Jing Javier. (2010)
Say Chiz! Chiz Escudero at Fullybooked Edsa Shangri-La Hotel (2010)

Grace Lee at AHAVA opening (2010)

Ai-Ai Delas Alas at Meet My Feet, Edsa Shangri La Plaza. She was buying shoes, along with her daughter. Ai-Ai looked uncomfortable. She may have sensed my questioning look why she's not the usual bubbly Ai-Ai, suddenly, she said, "pasensya na ha, di akomasyadong makagalaw, kaka lipo ko lang e, masakit pa." (2006)

The good-looking, good-natured Illac Diaz at Adidas Event (2010)

Regine Tolentino at Bisolvon Event, Fun Ranch (2010)

Sheree at Filbars Megamall, authograph signing of FHM. I braced through all the men waiting in line. I was the only woman there! When it was my turn, I told Sheree, "this is for my husband John". Sheree, instead of just signing her name, wrote 'Dear John, you have a wonderful wife'. (2005)

Mervin or Merwil? at Toys R Us Galleria. (2006)

The Sex Bomb Girls at Crossings Trinoma. The photographers all agreed, magkamukha daw kami ni Joyce (the girl to my left). Agree? (2007)

My first ever photo with Christine Bersola-Babao at Dusit Hotel (2006)

Raymond Bagatsing at Oakley Store Rockwell (2006)
I was 2 months pregnant here with Juan, my feet are getting swollen so we went here to buy me new slippers. My sis Liezl, kept on kicking me, yun pala Raymond was at my back. Everyone in my family knows I have a big liking (crush ba!) with this guy. Once, my husband and I were joking that if ever I see Brad Pitt or Raymond, I'll leave him na...hubby told this to Raymond, I was super embarrased...
It was my birthday that time. I told Raymond, 'what a birthday gift, I'm so happy to see you! Blushing, blushing, blushing...Before he left, Raymond talked to hubby and said, "pano ba yan pare, birthday nya ngayon, is it okay if I give her a kiss...hihihi, happy, blushing, blushing, blushing...


  1. nagulat ako sa last two photos ahahaha...

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  3. Anonymous: why you like din Raymond Bagatsing? hihihi...

    Cesar: Hi! Haven't got pa our singlet... See you!


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