August 2, 2010


I grew up seeing my grandmother, mother, aunts and other more mature ladies read MOD Magazine. Naturally, I got the habit. On its part, MOD Magazine has its way of making its loyal readers and subscribers feel extra special by way of MOD Day. The first time I attended MOD Day was a year or so ago. We went at LRI Building for spa pampering, a sumptuous lunch at a nearby resto and after which some games, raffle and many, many prizes. About 4 days before July 31, 2010, Ms. Mimi Pineda, informed me of our next MOD Day. This time it is a Medical Mission at Grace To Be Born, with the address 53 Dr. Sixto Antonio Ave., Bgy Kapasigan, Pasig City. I had apprehension, not because I don't like medical missions, in fact I do like. I remember when Mt Pinatubo erupted, we were the first college students who went there and brought relief goods to our Aeta brothers and sisters. My apprehension was due to my inability to find locations or places, in short I am directionally-challenged! So instead of bringing a car, I boarded a cab with Mimi and Marlyn (I call them M&Ms).

I was both shocked and happy to learn that Grace To Be Born is one of Bo Sanchez' many group of advocacies. I have read and collected many of Bo's inspiring books, I have given a lot also to people I know who needs these books.

MOD Editor-in-Chief, Ms. Cynthia Santiago welcoming us all: MOD subscribers, pregnant moms, and Grace To Be Born Volunteers.

With Maya's very own, Ms. Rory Subida - Manager of Maya Kitchen's Culinary Arts Center , giving support to MOD and personal advice to pregnant moms.

Cupcake and Cake demonstration courtesy of Maya Kitchen

Each MOD subscribers and staff were given/partnered with pregnant moms. My partner just gave birth a month ago. The goal is for us to communicate in any way, pray for them, or if our time permits, visit them at Grace To Be Born.

This is my partner mom's baby.

This is the very clean, well-ventilated quarters of the pregnant moms. This shelter was made possible by the couple Basti and Betty Roxas Chua, who owns the building and were giving the place for use rent-free.

Husband and wife Myrna & Rey Ortega heads Grace To Be Born. You may reach them: (09178164700), (0917-8039139)
Landline numbers: 910-1895, 635-6056, 501-0965

MOD subscribers giving something to the shelter.

MOD giveaways for all, including us, MOD subscribers.

Meeting professional photographer, bubbly Allan Sancon again for the second time (first was at Nesvita Awarding of 10 Most Beautiful winners)

Medical mission followed through the concerned effort of Fil-China Council Inc, headed by Mr. Abraham Lim

and Dr. Tan Cho-Chiong, Neurologist-Psychiatrist, from Metropolitan Medical Center. Dr. Ch0-Chiong's calling card has this on it from Proverb 17:22, "A joyful heart gives health to the body while a sad spirit dries up the bones.

Cute babies from Grace To Be Born

Volunteers who help tend to the babies during their free time includes a 13 yr old, 2nd year high school student, Filipino-American girl named Mara. She goes to Grace To Be Born every Saturdays and Sunday with her Mom. They bothe spen their weekends, tending to the babies and helping around the shelter.
Ate Lou, Mara's Mom, happily taking care of the babies. If you wish to become a volunteer or wish to help in this cause you can donate in cash or in kind; diapers, Bona milk, baby clothes, maternity dresses, medicines and money to pay for electricity and water. If you urgently need to talk to someone who can help an unwed mother, please call Light of Jesus office at 725-9999 or for counseling Ditas Espanol at 726-6728


  1. That's such a nice activity Joy. I'm sure the moms there appreciated your presence. The shelter's name is very appropriate. Indeed, every baby born should be considered as grace from God.

  2. Thank you for featuring this one. You just saved me from thinking too much..a so-called prenatal depression. You are a heaven sent so with the rest of the Grace To Be Born family. I just hope that with this, they could also help me provide a shelter since I am facing too many challenges especially with our noisy neighbors. I know for a fact that it can really affect more to growing fetus. I knew that God will make a way to make this work. Again thank you for supporting Grace to be Born..God bless you more & more!

  3. oh...this is a nice one joy! :) galing! buti may mga ganito kahit n papano ano....

  4. sana m2lungan nyu aq im pregnant 6months wla po aq m22luyan wla p po aq nka check up or prenatal pano po pumnta s grace to be born e2 po # q 09053080007 mlau po aq s mga mgulang q...sna po m2lungan nyu po aq mrming slamt po more power po...........


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