September 30, 2010

Clarity Intense Diamond Peel for Bunnz

Hey Bunnz! Thank you for taking your time in reading my blog and promoting it as well to your family and friends. And for that, I would like to share with you a Clarity Gift Certificate for an Intense Diamond Peel valued at P1,000.
Please wait for my email as to how you can claim the GC.
Thank you!!!

September 26, 2010

Red Ribbon's BARBIE Party

Super Joyful to have been invited in Red Ribbon's Barbie Party for the launch of Barbie cakes

Pink Girls from Protege, manned the registration

Barbie-like host, Ms. Jouella Necita Tan

Booths for princesses

Happy to have met again Mommy Cris and daughter Kyla

Ms. Pam (of Red Ribbon) and daughter at the glitter tattoo station

This is my favorite shot for this event. Pehpot and cutie Sati

1st Game: Pin the Sunglasses to Barbie

Winner for the 1st game, she got this fabulous Barbie shades

2nd Game: Pass the Hot Barbie Bag

...down to 2...

...and the Julia! Receiving this Ohhh so beautiful Barbie 2010 collection.

3rd Game: Dress-up the Barbie Way

And the winners, receiving Barbie mugs

Chow Time, my favorite time!!!


The 4 princesses celebrating their birthdays on September. Each girl received Red Ribbon Barbie personalized cake

The Cutest Girl in Barbie attire, she received this 2010 Barbie doll collection

The fiercest pink attire, she also received Barbie doll 2010 collection

Prettiest in Barbie Attire. Same prize.

Raffle winners:

She received this Barbie doll too!

From the raffle, she got this 3D Barbie cake

Winner of a cake too!

Julia brought home a 3D Barbie cake for being the Early Barbie

and much more...girls were given lootbags with Barbie stuff, and a Red Ribbon Cupcakes..Moms and other attendees were also given Red Ribbon cupcakes.

THANK YOU MS. ABBY and the whole gang of PROTEGE for inviting us!!!Til next...

CLARITY - White Party

White is my favorite color, so when the 3 Js (Jermain, Julius and Joseph) invited me to join CLARITY's White Party I didn't think twice at all. I knew all guests will be wearing my fave white. The event host, Esel De Sagun

Welcome Remarks by Ms. Carmi De Leon, Clarity's Vice President for Sales & Marketing

There were 10 finalists for Clarity's What Make You Smile Photo Contest, unfortunately some of them wasn't able to make it that night

2nd Prize winner, Czaroma Roman came with her daughter Skylah. Cza received Oxy Facial worth P2,500

Pretty Suyen (the grand prize winner of Teeth Bleaching worth around 30K plus) with Julius Barbero - Clarity's Marketing Officer

What made this event joyful is not the Intense Diamond Peel (worth P1,000) gift certificate given to all attendees (I'm not hypocrite to say it's not nice, because it is!). I was extra happy to see Cza Roman and Skylah. I've met Cza twice (BDJ last year and Bisolvon last February). Cza is one of those bloggers you'd love to see! She's not snob, she's nice, soft spoken (unlike me!!!) and of course a pretty woman inside and out!

September 24, 2010

The best Chocolate Fudge Cake from Red Ribbon

Do you have a chocolate cake you can always count on to satisfy? You do now...

Red Ribbon whips up a sure comfort food list-topper with the new Chocolate Fudge Cake. Premium chocolate, fresh eggs, and creamy butter are perfectly mixed to make a very moist chocolate pound cake. It is then layered with luscious chocolate fudge filling and generously smothered with velvety chocolate icing. Quite simply, it’s what a chocolate cake should be.

Whether for a special occasion or a simple gathering of friends and family, Red Ribbon’s Chocolate Fudge Cake is sure to make any day delightful. Give in to a slice or two with a cup of brew, freshly steeped tea, or warm glass of milk.

Red Ribbon’s Chocolate Fudge Cake is available in regular size for P495.00 and junior size for only P295.00.

Enjoy this and other lip-smacking cakes, pastries, and other specialty treats from Red Ribbon stores nationwide.

Chocolate Cake Always Loves You Back - Red Ribbon whips up a delicious comfort

Comfort food is like a warm embrace. It’s a back rub after a hard day. It’s a reassuring word. There is no one clear definition of what comfort food is, but we all agree how wonderful it makes us feel even with just a taste.

Comfort food lifts the spirit. It’s familiar and nostalgic. It’s food that simply satisfies.

All of us have our own list of comfort food, and in every list, there is always chocolate cake. Always. Just what makes it a comfort food?

Is it the chocolate? Science offers an explanation about this magical ingredient that Aztecs used to worship. Chocolate contains tryptophan and phenylethylamine, chemicals that stimulate secretion of hormones like endorphins. These produce feelings of elation, attraction, and pleasure. How wise those Aztecs were.

Is it the way it was prepared? Comfort food is not necessarily hard to prepare but one of the reasons they are special was the effort it took to make them. Chocolate cake is made with layer after layer of goodness. We taste the love that went into the preparation – that’s what makes us feel better.

Is it the familiarity? We grew up with our comfort food. They are the food “like mom used to make” or Tita brings every time there is a family reunion.
Chocolate cake may not have been served often, but memories of eating it bring a warm feeling because of its family ties.

Whatever the inexplicable connection, we love chocolate cake and it loves us back.

Red Ribbon whipped up a version of the classic chocolate cake with its new Chocolate Fudge Cake. This sure comfort food list-topper is made with its moist chocolate pound cake layered with luscious chocolate fudge filling and then smothered with velvety chocolate icing. It’s the kind that will make you savor every bite, scrape off the last bit of crumb and icing on the plate, and then lick the fork clean.

Every time you need a slice of warm embrace, a back rub, or a reassuring word, you know you can easily get a Chocolate Fudge Cake in all Red Ribbon Stores nationwide – now that’s a tremendous comfort in itself.

Chocolate Fudge Cake is available in regular size for P495.00 and junior size for only P295.00.

September 23, 2010

Red Ribbon - Dessert as Comfort Food

This is one invitation I won't allow myself not to bring my husband John and the 3 rug rats, Julia, Rafael & Juan. In my family, I'm the sweetest (ehem, ehem!!) but the 4 of them are the ones with sweet tooth. So off we went at Red Ribbon Bakeshop - Rizal Drive, Fort Bonifacio.

What made this invite super special is seeing my Super Mom Blogger Friend, PEHPOT.

With Ms. Pam Reyes of Red Ribbon and Ms. Abby and Ms. Marie of Protege
Ms. Pam Reyes as host for the night
International Sous Chef, Sherrie Tan graced the event. She shared a bit of her experiences as chef and gamely answered all the Bloggers questions.
Juan with Chef Sherrie

Game na Portion with Brian, Noemi and Jonel Uy of NomNomClub

Each Blogger went home with this: Red Ribbon's The Best Chocolate Fudge Cake, umm what a sweet treat!

September 19, 2010

Ainon Winners

Congratulations to Star Ojaliza and C.C.M Arcanghel for winning Ainon Baby Items Promo. Please wait for my email as to how you can claim your prize.

September 18, 2010

10 Years After

We didn't know we were together as entourage 10 years ago (Edwin and Jasmin's Wedding)

(That's her: 2nd lady from left, the one with necklace. Me, beside the bride)
As a pioneer member of, I was invited to attend Tin Tin Bersola-Babao's Baby Shower last January 2010 provided I bring a preggy friend. She, on the other hand learned of Tin Tin's Baby Shower while shopping at Mothercare.

(my bestfriend Nen, in the middle-in black and white. Her, rightmost-in black)

(di pa rin kami magkakilala dito)

We both attended Parentin's Mom and Me Cook-off party at CCA lasy May 2010

(From right,in black, that's her, then me..magkatabi kami, but we still don't know each other)

After CCA, she added me up on FB. Told me we have a common friend on FB by the name of Edwin Francia (who was my long time friend from Bayantel), turned out they are cousins.

I got a chance to talk with her during Parentin.TV's First Year Anniversary. I then invited her to join me on Mommy Academy come July 10, 2010. . She is busy, I am busy so we didn't have the time to chat even online.After Mommy Academy event, Electrolux (in cooperation with Mommy Academy) were looking for moms who'd like to join their Wok-a-holics Cook off Challenge. My teammate was supposed to be my husband, due to unforeseen events, my husband wasn't able to join me. Meanwhile, Jenny Roxas told her we're joining a cooking challenge, ask her if she wants to join too. I told Jenny to tell her to call me. When she called and asked me if she can join the cooking challenge I said yes. I didn't know then she's good at cooking. I just told her we'll be teammates since my husband backed-out. Long story short...we won 1st Place at the Wok-a-holics Cook off Challenge. I am no good in cooking, as I've said in my previous blog, I can only cook beef steak, chicken curry and afritada...but because of her, I won the following: microwave oven, table top electric griller, blender, and a 4 burner gas range all from Electrolux.

(Visiting her at her welcoming abode in preparation for Electrolux Finals)

(I particularly like this chair, her husband brought from Sri Lanka)

(With her youngest son, Enzo)

(Naiinggit ako kay Enzo, so I slept...while she prepares everything)I believe that any person who comes along has something to give or share to enrich our lives. I am not pertaining to the material things mentioned above (but those are a BIG PLUS!). What I truly appreciate from meeting her is her ability to tell me straight the traits I should mellow on. Not very many people are frank enough to voice out their opinion or view on somebody. I am thankful to her. She has shown me that honesty will forever be a good policy.

The person I am thankful for: LOURDES VINDOLLO-LABII, loyal, faithful and supportive wife to Jerry, loving and caring mom to Luis and Enzo, kind daughter to her parents, understanding eldest sister to her siblings, a dependable friend to many...a very good cook, my Electrolux Wok-a-holics partner.