September 26, 2010

CLARITY - White Party

White is my favorite color, so when the 3 Js (Jermain, Julius and Joseph) invited me to join CLARITY's White Party I didn't think twice at all. I knew all guests will be wearing my fave white. The event host, Esel De Sagun

Welcome Remarks by Ms. Carmi De Leon, Clarity's Vice President for Sales & Marketing

There were 10 finalists for Clarity's What Make You Smile Photo Contest, unfortunately some of them wasn't able to make it that night

2nd Prize winner, Czaroma Roman came with her daughter Skylah. Cza received Oxy Facial worth P2,500

Pretty Suyen (the grand prize winner of Teeth Bleaching worth around 30K plus) with Julius Barbero - Clarity's Marketing Officer

What made this event joyful is not the Intense Diamond Peel (worth P1,000) gift certificate given to all attendees (I'm not hypocrite to say it's not nice, because it is!). I was extra happy to see Cza Roman and Skylah. I've met Cza twice (BDJ last year and Bisolvon last February). Cza is one of those bloggers you'd love to see! She's not snob, she's nice, soft spoken (unlike me!!!) and of course a pretty woman inside and out!


  1. what some of the winner's didn't come... too bad. dpat kasi ako nlang pinanalo nila ^_^ imagine i sent like 5 photos to win the bright smile taz wla man lang pumasok hehehh bitter. but I still enjoy looking at the bright smile album. All the photo's are worth winning^_^

    now, GO ulit ako for another clarity craze. thanks, for keeping me posted w/ ur occassions, Event-era Joy ^_^

  2. totally a fabulous event/party for all the white dressers. Bunz here envy those bright smile winners, lol.. there's no day that she forget to check the site if the winner's are already posted.. fortunately, she'll be having a much greater prize i guess. positive for my dear friend. here i am, checking another event as her commendation. And this one is nice because I happen to see Ms.Joy Mendiola (on TV) last night as we park at bunnz' house to check her lifestyle show guesting, before we ran to another event.

  3. My daughter loves her friends so much, that she keep blogging all their activities and going to ask us to check-out the details too. I guess she's just really a sweetheart by nature. You're right here Rodney she's having a much greater trophy from the ONE above.. I'm expecting a treat from this blog honey bunnz as I did this soon after I'm out from my office. See you weekend! Cheers to this site ""

  4. Good Job for Clarity. To Bunnz, I hope you can really join their next event. Good luck.

  5. Makes a lot for those metro womens and men as well. And it all shaped in my mind how bunnz get's her spirit into the leaugue again. Kidding aside, I know Clarity gives one of the best services among other aesthetic clinics as I am one of their client in Robinson's Ermita branch. ~Ali M.

  6. To Ms. Joy and Bunnz, im also a blogger by heart - this is one winning event for all the bloggers who uses their talent and capacity for advertorial purposes. Happy doing biz w/u bunnz. Kudos to occassions of Joy and to Clarity!

  7. oh well look at them - and in d end it's ur family that will support all you craze.. not to mention "sa lahat ng raket ko sa buhay".. calling my dad ur absent here heheh that's a minus one card on ur bday ^_^ Alia tnxxxx much will treat u superb. kathy and Ney luv u both. Clarity, i hope you'll also have like those of spa salon's "couples" membership.. i'll recommend it bigtime to my mom.. Joy, my femilia is having their occasions of joy here ^_^

  8. joy, grabbed the 2 photos and posted it on my blog -

    hope to see you again :)


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