September 4, 2010

Events Planning and Hosting

I actually started hosting during my 6 month stint in Shakey's Novaliches a long, long time ago (1992 if my memory serves me right). In Bayantel and Medicard, I organized and hosted Christmas parties, Valentine parties and the likes. In 2000, I did my first ever wedding coordination (on my own wedding, doing the coordination and everything, kulang na lang pati hosting!). In 2001, I helped friends Con and Hen in their wedding. From then on, I got a lot of wedding coordination and hosting projects (all for free!). In 2003, I did my first ever kiddie party planning and hosting (syempre pa, with my first born, twins Julia & Rafael). Many kiddie parties followed (all for free still!). Long story short, I am now a full pledge Events Planner & Host ( now with pay, yippeee!). To those who want to go on the same biz, hone your talent first. Practice, practice, practice. Start with your family, relatives and friends (make their events a guinea pig!). Believe me when I say, they wouldn't mind if you make a fool out of yourself (of course you're not charging them). When you think you're good enough to venture out, start charging, minimal at first. When your first 10 clients get happy with your job, the word of mouth follows. Don't forget to bring an assistant who'll take your photos of you while hosting, you'll need this for your portfolio (this I forgot to do in my first years).
(Then: Organing and hosting my nephew Gabe's birthday party at their place)
(A few years after: Organizing and hosting my son, Juan's birthday party at KFC Shaw)
(Now: Organizing and hosting Mommy Academy's Kid Adventure Club at Dusit Thani Hotel)


  1. galing galing talaga ng friendship ko. keep it up gurl!!

  2. gurl power ang tawag jan! go go go!!! mwaah


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