September 8, 2010

FREE: Photography 101 with Jeff Cua

This workshop is designed for the beginning photographer wanting to learn how to get the most out of a digital camera. Explore the basics of photography and get a better understanding of exposure and basic composition.

Jeff Cua has successfully led hundreds of students to love and pursue photography as a hobby and even as a profession with his “Creative photography seminars”. Under him are several awards such as San Miguel 2005 photo contest and awards from Camera Club of the Philippines. His works have been featured in magazines and exhibited in different galleries in Manila, including the Ayala museum. Currently he is the resident photography teacher of Informatics and has dedicated his time designing programs to suite the needs of different photographers.

Join us on September 18, 3PM at Powerbooks Greenbelt. Registration is free. Plus, participants will get a 10% discount voucher valid for a month on all Powerbooks branches.

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