September 8, 2010

Mommy Academy's 38th Pedia Talk Live "Movin’ On Up

Event: 38th Pedia Talk Live entitled "Movin’ On Up"
Date & Time:September 18, 2010 /7:30am – 12:00 nn (Saturday)
Venue: Grand Ballroom of Dusit Thani Manila, Makati City

This is a FREE Event for Moms/Dads with kids 3 yrs and below. You have to pre-register to join this event at

Topics to be presented:
Speaker 1: Pediatrician 1 (Behavioral Development)
From Toddler Tantrums to Tween Angst: Understand your child’s behavior, whether he is a toddler or a tween (9-12 years old). The discussion will include general tips on how to see things from your child’s perspective no matter what the age; as well as common situations with tweens and toddlers, and tips on how to handle them (“Nagwawala ang toddler sa mall,” or “Nagiging emo ang tween ko,” or “Sobrang attached sa friends niya ang tween ko,” or “Sobrang secretive ng tween ko.”)

Speaker 2: Pediatrician 2 (Health Concerns)
The Power of Prevention: After knowing what diseases to watch out for and how to treat them, now what? Doctors say an ounce of prevention is still better than a pound of cure. Good nutrition, exercise, and other healthy habits are your child’s best bet. How can parents help their kids develop these healthy habits?

Speaker 3: Values Formation Beyond Church Service: We know that religious services are important, but how do we make God’s word relevant in our lives and in our homes? Particularly, how do we teach our children the meaning of God’s word in a way that they would understand, given their young age? What simple stories can we use to teach God’s word?

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  1. Mariam just turned 3, I guess we'll attend this event. See you there Joy! miss you... =)


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