September 10, 2010

A Woman of Grace, Beauty and Strength

I like writing/blogging about people, places and events. Today, I'm writing about a person who has made a big impact in my life. Today, September 11, is her birthday and I've decided to write about her...

(this is her family portrait when she was still single, she's the 2nd lady from left)

I remember as a child, I get jumpy (more of... afraid) seeing her. Among our clan, she projects a very strong personality. I must admit, I was among the many nephews and nieces who tried many tricks just to avoid seeing her during family reunions, get-together and the like. I started going to their house when I was about 9 or 10 years old. She'd ask my Mama to have my summer spent at their home. I had no choice but to follow my mother. Going to her house during summer means speaking in English, behaving properly, reading, teaching and playing with my younger cousin May,reading, going to places, reading, behaving properly, reading. I used to get hurt when she tells me to move faster, to not waste water, to not waste electricity. I remember she always reminded me to be sharp, to be smart and use my brain in making decisions. I cannot comprehend with all the things she used to tell me, I was just a young girl! Many summer and Christmas vacations followed, it was becoming a routine going to her house...speaking in English, behaving properly,reading, teaching and playing with my younger cousin May, reading, going to places, reading, behaving properly, reading. As a young girl, hearing her incessant lecturing means nothing to me. It actually made me feel that she doesn't like me or that she was belittling me. I stopped spending vacations at her place when I turned 16. Several years passed, I have imbued all the lectures she used to give me. Now, I work fast, I walk fast, I hate wasting water and electricity, I read a lot, and visiting places is one of my family's favorite thing to do. I am sharp (hopefully smart too!). Like her, I speak my mind especially when I know it will be of help to people concerned. Like her, I try and teach my nephews and nieces the ways of life...the good lfe! These and more I have learned from her.

(this is her family: cousins May & Ate Ricci, and Uncle Tito)

This is her: Wife to Uncle Tito, mother to Ate Ricci & May, sister of my father and their siblings , a long time Librarian in NICA, a friend to her friends, a woman of grace, beauty and strength, MY AUNT: ERLINDA 'LINDA' ALBERTO MERCADO. She may have her flaws (who's not flawed anyway!), but one thing's for sure, she has been a part of my personality transformation. I have learned a lot from her. Aside from my parents, she has been a big influence on what kind of person I am now.

Thank you and Happy Birthday, Tita Linda!!!

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