October 10, 2010

ADIDAS - Refresh Your Gear Trade-in Promo

Upgrade to a new pair of shoes with adidas Refresh Your Gear Trade-in Promo. Enjoy discounts when you trade in your old sports shoes of any brand to buy a new one for the whole month of October. It should be an athletic pair of shoes that is in good condition for Adidas will be donating these shoes to our less fortunate brothers and sisters.

This promo is not limited to Adidas shops nationwide. You can also check out other sports shops such as Proline, Toby’s, Planet Sports, Urban Athletics, TAF, Sports Central, RSH, Olympic Village, etc.
Php1000 discount for any adidas footwear worth Php3,500 and up.
(My husband traded this...)

(...to this!!! He paid only P3,495 from the regular price of P4,495)Get a Php500 discount on new adidas shoes priced at Php1,500 – Php3,499
(from this old pair...)
(to this...He paid only P2,495 from the regular price of P2,995)
If you've been planning to get yourself a new pair of sports shoes, now is the best time.


  1. Hmmm.. nice idea to help others in a little way. Too bad we don't have Adidas anymore. We gave them out to distant relatives.

  2. Thought you may be interested where your shoes are !\



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