October 26, 2010

Dona Maria The Amazing Rice

My entry for Dona Maria Stories Writing Contest DONA MARIA BROWN RICE

I am a mother of 3 young, sweet and smart kids namely Rafael, Julia and Juan. I had special health needs when I reached the age of 34 last 2007. My bad cholesterol was over the normal and my blood pressure was elevated.

I came across Dona Maria Brown Rice at an event they joined sometime in 2008 wherein they gave samples to all the attendees. I didn’t use/cook the said sample; I gave it to my dad (who just like me has, or even more, special health needs). I heard a lot about brown rice, they say it is very nutritious and very healthy. Some would say it is nutty. I literally took the word ‘nutty’, so I didn’t try my Dona Maria Brown Rice believing that for a rice to taste nutty only means awfully tasting. As fate would have it, last May 8, 2010, I covered Sterling Group of Companies sponsored event Mom and Me in SM Megamall for my Blog www.occasionsofjoy.com. Media and bloggers were given press kit which includes Dona Maria Brown Rice. Wanting to have a better take on health, this time I got interested, read the back label of the Dona Maria Brow Rice and cooked it the next day. For the first week, I wasn’t able to eat a lot because my taste bud was still adjusting. The Second week turned better, Third week I’m already experimenting on how my children will like eating brown rice. My kids during the first few weeks kept on asking, “Mom, when are we going to have white rice again?” So goes with my experimentation on how they will eventually like brown rice. When I cook beef steak, chicken curry or afritada, I make sure to have extra sauce. Instead of the usual sinangag or fried rice I sauté brown rice to the extra sauce and voila! Instant beef steak rice, chicken curry rice and orange rice (for afritada). For an added touch of love I serve the rice heart shaped. Now my children proudly tell their classmates that they eat brown rice. Aside from the steps and measures I take in making myself fit like eating/drinking food that is high in fiber, eating Dona Maria Brown Rice helped me more in attaining a healthier eating habit, a healthier body and a more positive outlook in life. I noticed that I don’t get hungry easily anymore after eating brown rice, my bowel movement also improved a lot. My cholesterol and blood pressure are on a normal level. Our long time house help and nanny resigned last March 2010, for 5 months now I do all the household chores, takes care of my family and on top of that I do freelance events hosting and organizing, I also do blogging every now and then. Imagine, just 3 months of eating Dona Maria Brown Rice gave me more energy…energy to do the necessary, and energy to do things that makes me really joyful. Now my husband tells our kids, “you’re mom is a superwoman”, being able to do all things (especially the hard ones, like laundry and ironing of clothes). I firmly believe that a life long commitment in eating Dona Maria Brown Rice will be more beneficial to me and my whole family. I hope through my story, more people will have a change of heart and try brown rice.

Now out in Good Housekeeping October 2010 Issue, page 123.

It was fun meeting Abby Yabut up close and personal. I have met her in many breastfeeding talks I have attended, Abby as the source speaker. No dull moments with her. Abby is one super mom, just like me, still breastfeeding her kid at 4 yrs old.


  1. surely grab a copy of good housekeeping mag! love yah ate joy! tc

  2. Wow. May published item ka na sis. Congrats. I hope I can use brown rice for my family too. Si hubby kasi super picky. Sakin sana okay lang ang brown rice. Sanay ako nyan kumain kahit sa province pa.

  3. wow congrats mommy, i'll see if i can score a copy of that mag..would love to try brown rice for a healthier eating...;)

  4. amazing story.. i might as well try this brown rice.. just a quick visit joy.. followed you too so as not to miss any of your posts.. ^-^


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