October 6, 2010

Griffin & Phoenix The Movie and My Dear FRIEND BANG

Just finished watching Griffin & Phoenix starring Amanda Peet & Dermot Mulroney. This movie is an unusual love story about two people brought together to give romance one last shot. I used a box of facial tissue, can't help but cry. This movie is a real tear jerker but I thought some scenes were rude and unlikeable, but those scenes do happen in real life, so what the heck. I like that Griffin & Phoenix depicts a love and appreciation for life that we all ultimately desire. The soundtrack is equally enjoyable, I'm definitely getting a cd of this. Both of the characters were diagnosed with terminal cancer which made me cry more, remembering my friend Bang who's suffering from brain cancer for almost 3 years now. Bang or Vangie is Evangeline Chiuco - Juplo, she is the kind of friend you'd like to grow old with. She is funny and fun to be with. We've met fiteen years ago in Multiline Resources in Greenhills where we both worked. She's brutally frank but will not stab you at your back. She has an open hand, and shares her blessings whole heartedly.

(this photo was taken in Bang and Glen's wedding, Bayview Hotel)
(this shot was taken at Jouaqui's Baptismal, UP Diliman Chapel. Just a few months after Bang's operation)
(at Bangs home in Quezon City... having a good time with son Joauqi)

Bang nowadays is bedridden but she still has that fun loving attitude that I truly admire.
Love the people you are with, appreciate them, hug them...don't wait for that time when it's almost over...


  1. love ur blog lots of love!!!!!

  2. will look for this via limewire.. i like something like this an old movie by Julia Roberts - (it's) Dying Young.. I bought a CD wayback college and find my self always playing the video over and over. I always find true love over that movie. To ur friend Bang, my prayers for her. She's an inspiration to others through this blog.. Thanks Joy.

  3. mommy, made it here!it's such joy meeting you at ActiveFun yesterday...hope you can visit me too...this story is so touching, i'd best watch that movie...and more power to your friend, i will include her in my prayers...

  4. nice blog =)

    looking at the photos I remember my mom she's also bedridden for months already. I can't help but cry


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