October 13, 2010

Pink Party - The Barbie Way

Pink is probably girls most favorite color. I remember Julia being so glued with color pink. Anything pink (from clothes, pencils, note pads, to the tiniest paper clips) she likes. Barbie on the otherhand, is any girls' best toy. Having been around for 50 years now, Barbie has made many girls (young and old alike) happy.

For your daughter's special day throw her a Pink Party - The Barbie Way.

Put up booths such as Makeover, Nail Polosh, Photo and more. Pamper your daughter's guests Make them feel like princesses.

Decorate the place with pink and Barbie stuff
Prepare prizes: all things Barbie

And don't forget to give your daughter a Barbie cake from Red Ribbon .
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  1. I just did a pink Barbie-themed party for my daughter's 2nd birthday. Even ordered a Barbie cake from Red Ribbon. Barbie is not my favorite character, but true enough.. every girl deserves to be a princess once in her life right? :)


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