October 4, 2010

SERYE - Cafe Filipino

SERYE - Cafe Filipino used to be just SERYE. My family used to frequent Serye - Quezon City Circle Branch during weekends for a quick stroll, biking and visit to the nearby Parks & Wildlife.
That was many weekends (3 years to be exact). We like the filipino food that they serve there.
(the new look of Serye Cafe Filipino, QC)
When Ms. Abbey Tomas of Protege invited me to join Ladies Who Lunch at SERYE Cafe Filipino Libis Branch I was happy to obliged. Mr. Alvin Lim, a member of the fourth generation of the Reyes clan that founded the restaurant chain in 1936, explained that it was a play on the family name. More than that however, Serye is supposed to denote continuity. According to Mr. Lim, Serye is "a passing of the torch from generation to generation, from the first generation of restaurateurs to the restaurant-and-café concept of the fourth generation."

During lunch last Friday, I can't help but noticed the changes in the interiors. I like the brown touch now than that of green before of Serye.

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