October 13, 2010

SOYAMI Healthy Chips

Mommy Bloggers were invited by Mommy Lace last at Active Fun - SM North Edsa. Thinking that we were going to blog about Active Fun, I immediately said yes to this invite.

We were way too early for the event. Good thing gorgeous Apple Morales was there to accommodate us.
Mommy Bloggers were surprised that this meet was actually for SOYAMI Chips. It was a sweet surprise knowing that a healthier chips will be launched in the market. Kids are the core consumer of chips, so as a mother I'm conscious of what my children eat.

SOYAMI's Apple Morales and Howard Chua

Mommy Bloggers who attended the event

Studies: Soya Chips Vs Potato Chips

Soya chips, also called soya crisps, are a healthy alternative to potato chips. Soya chips are a delicious, baked soya snack that is low in fat, and provide all the health benefits of soya into your daily diet. While potato chips are high in fat and calories, the exact opposite is true of soya potato chips. That is the trouble with regular potato chips. They are high in fat and calories, and their lightness makes it possible to eat more than a typical serving. The conclusion is, we end up consuming many more calories than we should in a snack. A healthier alternative to potato chips are soya chips. They are deliciously low in fat and calories, making serving sizes larger.

What is Soyami Soya Chips?
I. Soyami Soya Chips:
• It is a relatively new snack made from Soya
• Healthier alternative to snack food
• Low fat alternative to potato chips

II. Benefits of Soyami Soya Chips:
• Body Health
o High Protein & Fiber
o Low in Fat, Sugar & Calories

• Improves cardiovascular health
o It reduces cholesterol
• It is easier to lose weight
o It is high in Protein
o Low in Fat and Calorie
o More protein than carbohydrates
• It helps in the Management of diabetes
• Reduces the risk of the following cancer:
o Breast
o Colon
o Prostate
• Prevents the following:
o Child obesity
o Hair loss
o Prevents Osteoporosis
o Protects against Alzheimer’s

Health Benefits of Adding Soya to your Diet

One of the main benefits of choosing soya chips for snack time has already been stated – low fat and calorie content. When you have less fat and calorie intake, it promotes weight loss, or helps maintain your present weight. Obesity is now being considered an epidemic in some places, and adding soya to our diets can help control this growing problem.
Adding soya to a diet can also be beneficial to our cardiovascular systems, as well as help lower bad cholesterol levels. Menopausal women add soya to their diets to help relieve or even eliminate troublesome symptoms. It helps promote healthy skin, bones, and joints, and can help prevent certain types of cancer. Men consume soya protein to help promote a healthy prostate. Other health benefits of adding soya to our diets include: help eliminate insomnia, help boost energy levels and eliminate fatigue, help with problems associated with menstruation.
Incorporating soya into our diets is the first step to healthier living.
The soya chips are a great choice for people who are concerned with their health and future. "For the drunkard and the glutton shall come to poverty." (Proverbs 23:21)

Soya chips is a low-fat alternative to potato chips that will give you more energy (due to the presence of soya protein) when you are snacking. Adding soya to your diet may also benefit your cardiovascular health, because it can help to reduce cholesterol.
When snacking, it is important to determine the amount of calories for a portion size. Keeping the calorie content of a snack below 200 Cal. is a good general reference. (Dita Rago, 2004)
US FDA-Approved Health Claim for Soy Protein:
At least 25 grams of Soya protein per day, as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, may reduce the risk of heart disease. 1 pack of Soyami Soya Chips gives you 8 grams or 30% of your recommended daily requirement.

Soy and Diabetes
According to Nutritionist Young-Cheul Kim of the University of Massachusetts Amherst have identified the molecular pathway that allows a food rich is isoflavones to lower diabetes. Eating Soya chips have been shown to lower cholesterol, decrease glucose levels and improve glucose tolerance in people with diabetes.
Soyami soya chips made from real soya, the product due out in the shelves in the next couple weeks is a healthy alternative to our snack food. Soyami Soya Chips, a very unique product that satisfies our cravings but does not contain the unhealthy contents of other snack foods.
It’s lower in calories, fats and sodium compared to the other leading brands. It is made with Real Soya and Enriched Wheat flour that gives high protein and high in fiber. With also no added preservatives, no MSG and 0% transfat, Soyami Soya Chips is now the healthiest chips out in the market. It allows us to feel good and live healthy as it provides us high calcium that gives us energy to become stronger and become more active in our lives.
For the food lovers, if you can’t stop eating in between meals then this is the perfect snack substitute for you. A snack food that allows you to keep on snacking until you feel Soyarific. It not only contains high amounts of protein and calcium it also boasts of a low calorie, fat and 0% Transfat nutritional value.
For on the go people, Soyami chips is the perfect energy snack to bring with you 24/7. It will provide you with a refreshing and energizing feeling that promises keep you strong and alert.
For the gym goers, Soyami chips an alternative energy snack that will provide you with protein, carbohydrates and calcium giving you the drive to constantly push your bodies to the limit.
Soyami Soya Chips, a completely unique and nutritious health snack. It provides the protein, calcium to people of all ages may it be children to adults. Giving an alternative health snack that would satisfy both your craving and health needs. So why choose the others when you can be a Soyami Soya Chip lover now.

SOYAMI Chips is manufactured and distributed by AM GLOBAL WORKS MARKETING CORP., a domestic corporation existing under and by virtue of the laws of the Republic of the Philippines duly registered with the Securities And Exchange Commission under Company Reg. No. CS201010725 issued on July 12, 2010. Its principal office is located at Unit 8 Guerero Bldg., No. 123 Pioneer St., Mandaluyong City.
The corporation is engaged in the manufacturing and trading of Soya [tofu] chips and related products that are usually marketed as dietary supplements and have been used for variety of health purposes. It takes pride in its products being MSG-free, high in protein and low in cholesterol.

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