October 18, 2010

Teacher JOY

This post has been sitting in my desk for over 2 months now. Teacher Joy is my son Juan's teacher at Angel's Institute of Learning. Teacher Joy celebrated her birthday last September 2. Teacher Joy is one of those teachers you'd love see and talk with. Just like me, she's bubbly (and super talkative!). We can sit (or even stand for hours) talking about a lot of stuff. So for her birthday, I surprised her with a birthday cake, made with love.
(ingredients used for improvised cake)
I came in 15 minutes early, so I kind of disturbed Teacher Joy's class (sorry...)

Teacher Joy finally wrapped up for snack time

Teacher Shali, Teacher Joy and the Kinder 1 PM Class
Candle Lighting
Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday to you...
Candle Blowing err blown
The kids took off and ate the MM's right after Teacher Joy blew the candle
Joy is God's gift. Let us have joy in our minds, joy in our hearts, joy in our daily activities and joy in serving God and fellowmen. Have a joyful outlook in life.


  1. Galing ng cake ni mommy ah. Nice idea! :)

  2. Thanks for the cake mommy Joy. The kids love it :) and so do I. They also love the malunggay pancake.


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