October 4, 2010

TEACHERS Day - Angel's Institute of Learning

Today is World Teacher's Day! Teachers have a soft spot in my heart. As a mother of 3 kids, I know the sacrifices teachers make. Last year I organized and hosted a simple party for the pre-school, afternoon class, at Angel's Institute of Learning.

With the help and cooperation of the parents and yayas..

Simple token of appreciation we prepared for teachers and teacher aids and other school staff

Munting salu-salo

With Teacher Lhen

With Teacher Sally

Teacher Mafel and Mommy Tet

Teacher Shella and Maricel

Teacher Sharon and Mommy Riza

With Teacher Juliet

Teachers, like parents, make a great impact on the children's lives.
HAPPY TEACHERS' DAY to all the Teachers!!!


  1. uy si Lhen. classmate ko sya nung elementary. d pa ba sya nanganganak?

  2. Thank you for caring for the teachers of Angels Institute of Learning. It means so much to them...


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