November 29, 2010

New: Reyes Pork Barbecue Party Size

Pork Barbecue is one food you wouldn't want to miss in any celebration, be it wedding, birthday, baptismal or what have you. But the preparation time (from marinating, to putting the meat on the sticks , to grilling) takes a lot of effort... Not anymore with the NEW Reyes Pork Barbecue Party Size, only P250 for 10 sticks. Another best thing is you can have it delivered right at your doorsteps just by dialing Reyes Barbecue Delivers 2any1 at Telephone number 212-1212

REYES BARBECUE - Bonifacio Stopover

It was joyful meeting food bloggers at the recently concluded first ever REYES BARBECUE bloggers event at Bonifacio Stopover, Bonifacio Global City.

The networking event was made even more nice when we were served the New Reyes Barbecue Pork Barbecue Party Size and Creamy Chicken Fettuccine plus a Bottomless Iced-Tea.

I came in super late, but I was lucky I to have asked Jonel Uy of, questions pertaining to blog site.

(Thanks Jonel for always accommodating and sharing your knowledge to us, new bloggers!)

On the lighter side of this event, today is the Birthday of Amity Young of A Taste of San Juan, everyone sang a birthday song for her
(Thank you Amity for imparting your expertise in blogging and other writing matters!)
Most of all, Thank you MS. Peach Reyes for having us in Reyes Barbecue's First ever Bloggers Event!

November 26, 2010

Tagaytay Highlands

Tagaytay Highlands is a posh country club in the sloppy area of Tagaytay City, surrounded by luscious greeneries and with a captivating view of the Taal Lake. Tagaytay Highlands is a membership only access country club with many amenities that would surely make a family day worthwhile and fun filled. We have spent many joyful memories here with family and friends.

There are many things to do when you are in Tagaytay Highlands. First among these things is of course the very famous cable car ride, where you’ll be treated with a nice view of the surrounding area that brings you to the highest peak of the Highland Peaks

The Funicular is more like a roller coaster minus the speed. Funicular is a slow ride and yet you’ll be delighted to see the scenic view on a bird’s eye view perspective.

(With the Arcayena Family, June 2008)

You can swim in Tagaytay Highlands many beautifully landscaped swimming pools. These 2 photos below is at the Clubhouse

The swimming pool at the Camp Highlands is our favorite

(My husband John, with Aquinian friends Gilbert and Henry, June 2007)

A fairly small but clean zoo that houses farm animals

(with Juan, December 2006)

(with the Guerrero Family, December 25, 2008)

Kart Racing, which your daredevil son(s) will surely like

As for gastronomic delight, Tagaytay Highlands has several restaurants and cafes with fine dining experience. Highly recommended is the buffet lunch at the Veranda which would surely challenge your intestinal capacity.

(With friends Dr. Dolf Pascual, Jingle Leomo and, November 2007)

A must go to is The Peak, the highest point, where you can see the whole of Tagaytay Highlands

(with the Eugenio Family January 2008)

(With our pamangkins, April 2007)

(with the Dela Vega Family, June 2008)

(with my Kumares, Zeny and Amy)

(with the Abelos, Eugenios and the Pos)

Not everybody can afford the membership fee to the country club. Best way is to find friends who are members and ask them to lend their membership rights (Thanks to my friend Arlene for the many wonderful Tagaytay Highlands memories!)

November 25, 2010

Baguio Country Club - Cottage Accommodation

Right across Baguio Country Club (BCC) compound are the famous cottage houses of Baguio Country Club. 15 European designed cottages with a living room and a fireplace, dining and kitchen area.

The cottages feature contemporary interiors, accentuated by artifacts of the rich Cordillera culture. Adorning the walls are antique gayangs (spears), gongs, tapis, headgears and beaded jewelry made by the major tribes of the Cordilleras: The Jhalois of Benguet Kankanaeys of Mt. Province, the Kalingas, Isnegs of Apayao, and the Tingguians of Abra.

Works of local artists such as Jordan Mang-osan add character and color to the executive and presidential suites. The artworks depict the tribal people's way of life, thus injecting a native, homey feel to the place

Baguio Country Club has around 3,000 members, comprising of 98% Filipinos

This three day-two night Baguio trip was extra special with my nephews and nieces around, namely Jel, Nice, Andrei, Gaby, Bea and Luis. It could've been happier if Gerald and Charlize were there too.
Special Thanks to Uncle Tito and Aunt Linda Mercado (who are the members of Baguio Country Club) for the endorsement they have extended.

Raisin Bread

Baguio Country Clubs's trademark raisin bread first originated from an old home recipe of then manager of the Baguio Country Club some 51-52 years ago, Kate Reed. Half century old “secret” coffee partner of the BCC family.

Then BCC's now famous raisin bread first made its appearance in the Club's even more famous Verandah – Long-time BCC member, Soccorro Merril, said “merienda” time at the BCC in those days just had a few members on the Verandah having coffee, but often wishing there was something to eat with their coffee. “To address the wishful thinking, Kate Reed one day presented them a raisin loaf, made from an old day family recipe. It made everyone's day, and went on to become a staple for the coffee-drinking Verandah set”.

And so, “from a merienda staple of old, it evolved through the decades into the trademark loaf most anyone who visits the BCC has to have. Who would ever have imagined, more than 50 years ago, that the simple merienda loaf would one day be a part of the must-have, must-taste “Raisin bread” not found elsewhere.

In 1993, the Pastry Shop was built with a sitting capacity of 20 people and was renovated in July 2006.

It was inaugurated last November 16, 2006 and was named the “Raisin Bread Shop”.
The Raisin Bread Shop now offers a wide variety of homemade cakes and pastries.

Raisin Bread Shop's Operational Hours: 7:00AM - 10:00PM DAILY

(All text are from Baguio Country Club's website)