November 25, 2010

Baguio Country Club - Cottage Accommodation

Right across Baguio Country Club (BCC) compound are the famous cottage houses of Baguio Country Club. 15 European designed cottages with a living room and a fireplace, dining and kitchen area.

The cottages feature contemporary interiors, accentuated by artifacts of the rich Cordillera culture. Adorning the walls are antique gayangs (spears), gongs, tapis, headgears and beaded jewelry made by the major tribes of the Cordilleras: The Jhalois of Benguet Kankanaeys of Mt. Province, the Kalingas, Isnegs of Apayao, and the Tingguians of Abra.

Works of local artists such as Jordan Mang-osan add character and color to the executive and presidential suites. The artworks depict the tribal people's way of life, thus injecting a native, homey feel to the place

Baguio Country Club has around 3,000 members, comprising of 98% Filipinos

This three day-two night Baguio trip was extra special with my nephews and nieces around, namely Jel, Nice, Andrei, Gaby, Bea and Luis. It could've been happier if Gerald and Charlize were there too.
Special Thanks to Uncle Tito and Aunt Linda Mercado (who are the members of Baguio Country Club) for the endorsement they have extended.

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  1. we stayed in the same cottage last holy week. excellent experience for the kids. and that particular cottage, you have a huge parking space in front, just always making sure i use the foot/hand brake. next time, i plan take the kids to the blue one in front :-)


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