November 17, 2010

Find JOY in simple things

I feel sh--ty yesterday. I went to meet Dr. Litonjua for my bi-annual thyroid check-up. On the way to Makati Medical Center, I felt the urge to urinate. I asked the cab driver to step on the gas because I can't control it any longer. Finally arrived MMC and went to the nearest restroom. After urinating, I noticed that my urine's color is kind of pinkish. Just a few seconds after flushing,I had to pee again to the same restroom (about four times or so). The pinkish color turned red this time and urinating becomes super painful. Right after I let Nurse Flor know of my scheduled check-up I had to run again to pee; only to find out that during holidays, MMC closes the restroom on the 3rd floor because (as the nice janitor puts it) "wala po kasing clinic mga doktor pag holiday, yung iba lang po ang nagbubukas". Imagine my agony of running back and forth, from 3rd floor to the fourth floor! I told Dr. Litonjua's nurse about my situation. After Dr. Litonjua examined my thyroid, I asked him, "Doc, my urine's color is red". He asked, "are you having you're monthly period anytime?". He asked me to have my urine checked. Long story short, I've urinary tract infection.

I felt super bad that I actually didn't want to go out or even get up the bed, but I had to because John promised Julia, Rafael and Juan we'd watch Megamind. The movie was just okay but I honestly find watching in a 3D super uncomfortable. I get dizzy afterwards plus the 3D glasses marks on my nose stays for hours. Worst, sometimes I get rashes wearing it. But as a dutiful mother, I'd do anything to make my children happy (yes, including watching in 3D theaters!!!).

After the movie, we went around Shangri-La Mall, bought books at Powerbooks, shopped around in Rustans. Everything turned out well. Why? When inside the mall whatever negative feelings I have vanishes (yeah, I know most women will agree, shopping is therapeutic). Oftentimes when I'm feeling down, John would say "punta na Shang...mawawala yang nararamdaman mo". Truth to tell, I forgot how painful it is to urinate.

We reached home around 7 pm only to find out my celphone was missing!!! I dialled Rustans and Shang Cinema but they didn't find anything. Last year my celphone fell after a cooking demo in Rustan's. I was able to get it back because one of Rustan's Sales Staff found it. Sometime 2 years ago, I left my shawl in Shang Cinema but I was able to get it back too. Yes, you see, I'm clumsy and very disorganize!! Every year, I lose a celphone or two!
I felt so bad the whole day yesterday, but when my kids shower me with their affection, shopping turns just the second best medicine. John, on the other hand, prepared bite size papaya and watermelon for me (uy, minsan ang sarap din ng may sakit).
Today, I am feeling a bit better. No more blood in my urine (thanks to Renalin!). And I found my celphone, just inside my closet! What an id--t!
And just a few minutes ago my BDJ Girlfriend Nikki sent me a message, which I am sharing with you all: "Let's find joy in simple things and see beauty in every situation. When times are difficult, let's remember that no pain comes without a purpose".


  1. Frenship, it only goes to show that, every second, every minute and every hour really counts. We should never take ourselves for granted and of course our love ones. And I am guilty of that too, sometimes hehehe....real quality time lang talaga my dear regardless how long u spend it w/ ur family...and kaw ha, wag mo pabayaan sarili mo. Love you fren!


  2. Jing, thank you for the comment...and the care...


Thank you for the joyful comments!