November 11, 2010

K-zone launches Foldabots Toy Book 3

Your favorite cardboard robots are back in Foldabots Toy Book Volume 3! The third volume of the Foldabots Toy Book was launched last November 7, 2010 at Powerbooks, Greenbelt 3 where kids enjoyed an afternoon of drawing and assembling paper toy robots.

Jomike Tejido, Foldabots Toy Book creator, demonstrated the new Foldabots Dark Ages game to the delight of a room full of kids. Foldabots fans also took part in fun games such as a trivia contest, a drawing challenge and a Foldabots speed building competition.

Foldabots Trivia Game
The winners
Even these girls enjoyed the Foldabots
Cut and Create Game: First 12 to finish. Jomike having a hard time choosing the winners

Folding Demo
All four kids who participated received a prize from Jomike and Powerbooks

This is RANIER G. ABAD from Pateros Elementary School. He is one future Jomike. His sister told me Ranier likes drawing a lot. Email me at if you wish to give Ranier art materials for this Christmas
Drawing Contest. Even little girls are fond of Foldabots

The third Foldabots Toy Book is packed with new and cool paper robots like the newest Foldabot, Sundo! Hosted by Wave 89.1 deejay Jada Pangan, the launch of Foldabots Toy Book 3 was made possible by Powerbooks. Foldabots Toy Book 3 is now available in newsstands, bookstores, and supermarkets nationwide for only P195.00. For more K-Zone online, visit or add them on and You can also check out the official Foldabots site for all your fan art submissions at

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